1 Year Old – Retrospective & Looking Forward


Desktop BackgroundWell, we did it!  My daughter is now a year old, and if you’ve been keeping up with my 365 Project, you’ll see she’s already walking, talking, and learning how to play soccer.  Now that I’ve finished up the utterly fantastic Having a Happy Baby Course and Successfully Raising Children Course at my local Church of Scientology, I figured it was a good time to sit down and do a little retrospective on what went well, and what could use improvement, seeing as we have another one on the way. 

These two courses have provided such a great way to sit and inspect what Kat & I have been doing as parents, what we’ve been doing well, what we’ve been doing well only because of sheer luck, and what we need to put attention on improving as time goes forward.  As so many people who have been there have told me, it’s such an entirely different set of challenges that one runs into as they transition from a year old into the 2-3 year old band, and again as they move up into being 4 year olds.  Just a different game alltogether.

What I’m really interested in is successful actions that people have had in dealing with two little munchkins at once – as Mackenzie is going to be 18 months old when Codename: Whopper Junior is born this coming January.  Anyone else have kids about that far apart?  How did you deal with it?


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