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Scientology & Pregnancy

Antidepressants & Birth Defects – An Appeal to Mothers-to-be

Antidepressants? JUST DON’T DO IT. It’s unfortunately now a well-documented fact that mothers that take antidepressants like Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft and Celexa run a massive risk (i.e. are 600% more likely) to bear a child with terrible congenital birth defects like persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn (PPHN), a serious and potentially fatal circulatory condition. […]

Scientology Silent Birth: One Mother’s Story

Mary Beth Sammons at AOL ParentDish just wrote a fantastic article featuring Jamie Bristol, mother of what’s turned out to be arguably the cutest baby boy in recent memory.   The article covered the topic of “silent birth” and how Scientologists approach the subject of birth.  Jamie’s responses were excellent, and unlike many media pundits, were […]

My Silent Birth Story

Both of my children were born with quiet births at birth centers.  When I was pregnant with my daughter, I really started to look at the logistics of delivering my baby the way I wanted to. Through speaking with my husband, our minister and referring to the writings of Mr. Hubbard, I was able to […]

Everything you Wanted to Know About Silent Birth but Were Afraid to Ask

With Kelly Preston due to have her new baby in November, the mindless media is once again abuzz with speculation and invented conjecture about how Scientologists approach the delivery of a baby, and most of all the extremely straightforward and non-controversial practice of quiet birth (which the media has erroneously renamed “silent birth” – but […]