Saving a Marriage and a Family with a Book from a Library


2008 was a difficult year for us: our marriage was suffering; our children were unhappy; our finances were a mess. We had truly hit rock bottom and nothing seemed to help.

Then, one day, my husband found out an interesting Tone Scale chart on the Internet. He clicked on it and discovered  Dianetics – The Modern Science of Mental Health. He decided to sign it out from a local library in Edmonton. His behavior and whole outlook on life immediately improved. Suddenly, life started to make sense to him and he was determined to make our relationship work. He read me paragraphs from it every day and after some hesitating, I agreed to read it as well.

This simple book helped our family survive and prosper. It enabled us understand our past mistakes,  what led to the breakup of our marriage and most importantly, how to fix it. We rediscovered love and trust.


Our little girls were happy to see their parents together again. Their school work drastically improved and their teachers were amazed of their swift progress. We successfully identified and stayed away from all of the individuals that put our relationship down and impeded our progress.

Through it, we discovered the miracles of Science of Survival, the follow-up to Dianetics. This book is the single, most valuable tool we have ever owned. It helped us  better understand each other, our children, our environment, the people we work with, how to solve conflicts, how to deal with difficult individuals and how to survive difficult circumstances and still be in charge.

Dianetics taught us that no goal is unattainable.


In 2009, we decided to embark on a cross-country journey from Alberta to Ontario where we could buy a small home and offer our girls a simpler way of life in the scenic beauty of a Northern town. My husband continued to work away in the Alberta oil sands for several months at a time, while I took care of the kids and household.  Four years later, we continue to carry on this challenging lifestyle. To many people, this is a difficult schedule but to us, it is quite easy.

Using the  knowledge we’ve gathered from this book, we now understand each other’s job and remain committed to our future goals. When we’re together, we have a lot of fun. We take our children camping, swimming and fishing. We go to museums, restaurants and farmer’s markets. We spend our evenings listening to music, cooking and watching our children dance by the jukebox. Our oldest girl who is now ten years old is so inspired by our progress that she has decided to start reading Dianetics. She remains one of the best and most popular students in her school.

034In 2010, I became pregnant with our third child. This was great news at first. My husband decided to take time off from work and stay home with me. From the beginning to the end of the pregnancy, we concentrated entirely on the unborn baby. Then, I became a week overdue and my husband had to go back to work. Twelve hours after he left home for Alberta, my water broke. To my surprise, I didn’t panic. I called a close neighbor and dropped off the kids for the night. I picked up a ride to the hospital where I called my husband to let him know that I went into labor and that everything will be okay. The delivery was fast and I didn’t need an epidural. I concentrated on my breathing and gave birth to a beautiful, perfectly healthy baby girl. I will always remember that first cry. I called my husband and let him know the news. The nurses wanted to take the baby away for the night or put her in a bassinet beside my bed so I could get some rest but I strongly refused. I held her in my arms the whole night. I knew she needed my warmth to comfort her.

My body recovered quickly and I headed home early next morning. I even did the shopping and prepared the kids lunches for next day. The hospital staff was amazed by my speedy recovery and I became known as “wonder woman”.  (Ha!)

Using Dianetics technology, we have escaped our financial troubles and are on our way to becoming debt free. We have embraced a more simpler, conservative way of life and teach our children the important values of integrity, sustainability and self accountability. We give them plenty of chores and responsibilities so that they feel important. We discuss government news with our children so that they develop a better understanding of their country and its affairs. In several years, we will be mortgage free and what an accomplishment that will be! My husband’s job allows us to save plenty of money for retirement and tuition fees for our three children.

I wrote this article in hopes of  inspiring you to pick up this valuable knowledge.


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