Scientology Questions & Answers: Tkeisha, Oregon Mother of Two

A university study group in Holland was researching the Scientology religion, and wanted to get some direct answers what Scientologists – particularly Scientologist parents – think about their religion, and how their religion impacts some of their life choices. Tkeisha is a mother from Oregon, who lives in the beautiful coastal hills with her husband […]

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Toys that Help Kids Explore – or, Why Epic is the Most Under-Merchandised Kids Movie Ever

Is it possible that some kids movies aren’t being merchandised enough?   I’m likely not the only parent who’s been disappointed at the recent crop of Pixar movies, which have devolved from being witty, insightful and original films that even grown-ups could enjoy, to (for the most part) being hollow, uninspiring merchandising vehicles for Disney […]


My Children Love to Help

I’ve got two kids, an 18 month-old son and a 2 1/2 year-old daughter, and I wanted to give you a little story about the value of allowing kids to help out around the house, and in the family. When my daughter was around a year old,  my husband started asking her to help unload […]

Video summary of my approach to raising my children in Scientology
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Video – My Scientology Parenting Approach Summed Up

When trying to sum up how Scientologists approach parenting, folks have tried to compare it to one of the various popularly-packaged styles of parenting that have been making the rounds.  Attachment parenting, nurturant parenting, helicopter parenting, positive parenting, authoritative parenting, etc.    I can’t say that what I believe fits any of these, so I’ve […]