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My daughter laughing while getting her hair done.
We’d be tickled to hear your story!

We are always on the lookout for contributions to the site, in terms of parenting stories or other guest posts – even if the story is an old one, and your kids are now having kids of their own.  The chief  purpose of this site is to promote using Scientology and Dianetics to be able to raise happy kids — as well as using Scientology to be a happy and successful parent.  So any stories you have in the areas of raising children, pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, pre-teens, parental stability & happiness, etc are all very appreciated, presuming one can tie it in with the purpose of the site.

Please submit all story suggestions via our Facebook page.

Guest post submissions should have:

  • The story itself
  • What Scientology/Dianetics technology or data you applied, with a quote by L. Ron Hubbard as applicable
  • A link to a photo of you or your kids that could be used with the post

Not sure where to start?

If you are interested in writing a guest post, but aren’t sure where to start, here are some ideas to give you food for thought:

  • Volunteer Ministers On-Line Courses & Videos:  Watch any one of these videos, and I’m sure you can think of a time when you either (a) applied one of these many principles successfully as a parent, or (b) could have handled a parenting situation better if you had!   Videos like Assists for Illnesses and Injuries, or The Basics of Organizing (know any parents who need help organizing their lives?), or The Technology of Study – helping kids with what is one of the most important facets of parenting.
  • Your own pregnancy / birth experience:  How has (or could have) Dianetics helped you get through that trying period smoothly?

Don’t worry if the story isn’t ready for prime time when you write it – I can work with you to edit it so that it works on the website.

But with that, please let me have your stories!

5 thoughts on “Submit a Story / Guest Post

  1. I am a scientologist of 40+ yrs and am opening an infant care biz in the LA area. Can I post a notice advertising this on yr site? Thanks so much!

  2. Hi, I am a scientologist parent of a newborn. I also have a 9 years old child and I would like to provide my baby Ron’s formula for babies but not pretty sure because of the milk. Do you have any advise about it?
    Thank you!

  3. Hello! When our youngest was 10 days old he came down with a virus that was awful and left his future uncertain. He had a fever of 103 that he couldn’t shake. He was admitted back into the hospital and placed into the NICU. He was on 3 different antibiotics and alternating fever reducers in which nothing was helping. Finally my husband and I who are both scientologists decided to start doing assists on him. The first assist (out of the assist book) that we did (“lay in that bed”) brought his fever down to normal a 98.6 after one assist! It was the only thing that changed his condition! We then alternated from body comms and when his fever would start to climb back up we would run the “lay in that bed” and it would bring the fever back down. The assists were amazing and it felt wonderful to take control of the situation. He’s a perfectly healthy 18 month old today!

  4. I’ve viewed your FB and the website for a while but only yesterday did I look at comments. Not going to comment on the comments except to say that I was going to reply to some where I see a theme and I made up one reply for all. Then it dawned on me that I had no business doing so. But, it’s such a great comment I can’t let it go to waste with a delete button and maybe you would appreciate it. So,

    There was an ACTOR [James Karen] who played the part of an evil tycoon who caused trouble resulting in the blowing up of the town of Walnut Grove in the final episode of ‘Little House on the Prairie’. He also was the ACTOR that was the spokesman in TV commercials for Pathmark supermarkets in the NYC area. After the show angry customers called and wrote letters to Pathmark vowing to never shop there again because of what the ACTOR did. Some people can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality.
    Another interesting phenomenon; many people look on the internet about Scientology and find so, so much stuff from so many different places and it has a pretty common theme – Scientology is bad, stay away. There is so much volume it’s overpowering. People become virtual PhD’s, not in Scientology but in bad opinions about Scientology, and actually know nothing about Scientology – – – and do not notice or realize that they don’t.
    What boggles the mind, though, is the refusal by some to look when asked because they already know that their opinion will not change. These people should be ignored…

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