Resources for Questions on Scientology

These resources are ones I’ve used most often in answering questions about Scientology – both informational questions as to what it’s all about, as well as to rumors and such that have been circulated.

Got a question or rumor you can’t find an answer to? Contact STAND here:

Scientology website search:

STAND Website search, for documented white papers and info on virtually every myth ever circulated about Scientology:

Scientology Youtube Channel Videos: Nearly every question someone might have already has a video about it.  Go to this link, and then use the search icon next to the “About” link.  That will let you search through only videos that the Scientology Youtube channel has uploaded. 

Where’s my nearest Scientology church?

Debunking “Going Clear” Claims

Debunking A&E “Aftermath” Claims:

Questions about Mr. David Miscavige

The Scientology TV channel

Trying to reference something in the Scientology Handbook?  Direct links to any article in the entire handbook is here:

FAQs on Scientology, parenting, family & children from this site:


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