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I’m always happy to answer any questions about Scientology. If you are researching Scientology, are wondering what it is that Scientologists believe, how we operate, and so forth, I’ve written nearly 300 articles on the site here that describe such. But if your question is not answered, please send a message on the Facebook page, and I’ll answer whatever question you have.

Some frequently asked questions we’ve had:

What is Scientology?

  • Short answer: Scientology is a 62-year-old religion, founded by American philosopher L. Ron Hubbard.  Our first churches opened in 1954 in LA and Washington, DC, and it is now a global movement.  Scientology is an applied religious philosophy.  That means that Scientology as a religion is something you do, rather just something to simply believe in.
  • Longer answer: A Brief Description of Scientology from a Scientologist

Do you like being in Scientology?

What do you believe in as a Scientologist?

What is “Going Clear?”

What is Silent Birth?

What are Scientology rules for childbirth?

  • Short answer: There are no rules that must be followed for birth.  In Scientology, childbirth is entirely up to the woman, her family and her doctors.  There is no ecclesiastical penalty for not conducting a birth in a certain way, there is no rule or ethical code for how births must be done, and the church has positively no say in the matter whatsoever.  Any media inference to the contrary is utter conjecture.
  • Long answer: Please see this page on Silent Birth for more details, as well as the official statement by the Church of Scientology International on childbirth.

Are Scientologist mothers allowed to breastfeed?

Are Scientologists required to feed their babies barley formula?

  • Short answer: Absolutely not.  Barley formula was mentioned as a suggestion for something that might help, for mothers who are looking for an alternative to messy, artificial powdered formulas.  But there’s no requirement in Scientology governing the diet of a baby at all.  Do your research, look at your baby, see what helps them thrive, and do that.
  • Long answer: Please see this article on barley formula, which extensively gives the actual data on this.

Are Scientologists Allowed to Get Medical Treatment?

  • Short answer: Yes.   Scientologists seek conventional medical treatment for illnesses and injuries, and there is nothing in Scientology doctrine or policy that would prevent or discourage someone from seeking medical care. Scientologists use prescription drugs when physically ill and also rely on the advice and treatment of physicians.

    The Church of Scientology has always had the firm policy of not diagnosing or treating the sick. Medical doctors are trained to deal with the physical aspects of illness and injury. A Scientologist with a physical condition is advised to seek and obtain the needed examination and treatment of a qualified medical professional. Independent of any medical treatment, a Scientologist then addresses any accompanying spiritual trauma connected to that condition.

    This would also absolutely extend to Scientologists’ position on medical treatment for children or for expecting mothers.
  • Long Answers:

What is Scientology’s Position on Abortion?

The Church of Scientology does not mandate a position on the subject of abortion as childbirth, family and healthcare are all individual’s personal choice and Scientology parishioners are totally free to decide for themselves.

In Scientology, sex and the rearing of children is one of the Eight Dynamics of existence. Couples are free to decide the size of their own family, and Scientologists do so in accord with their determination as to the greatest good across their dynamics.

As described in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, even attempted abortions are traumatic physically and spiritually to an unborn child, as well as to the mother. Abortion is therefore rare among Scientologists, who recognize that even an unborn fetus may already be occupied by a spiritual being. In some instances, however, abortion might be a recourse owing to health concerns for the mother or other personal factors. The Church does not advocate abortion to Church staff or to parishioners.

Do you believe in aliens?

What is Scientology’s Policy on Disconnection?

What is is like growing up in a Scientologist family?

  • Short answer:  Very similar to just about any other family made up of caring, involved parents that want their children to grow up as powerfully-independent thinkers of great personal integrity who can choose & be successful at whatever they set themselves to.
  • Long answer: There are a number of interviews with Scientology parents here on the site.   Please peruse them, as they’ll give you an idea of how the various Scientology families conduct their families, and what is important to them.

Are Scientologists allowed to watch TV and use the Internet?

  • Short answer: Yes, and yes. I’ve worked in the field of Internet systems and web content for over 25 years, so if there’s anything I have, it’s Internet.  And whilst I’m of course allowed to watch TV, my wife and I have never had cable.  Mostly because we feel it’s a waste of time & money.
  • Long answer:  There are precisely zero rules in Scientology about TV or Internet usage.  However, my wife & I decided when we were first together (before we were married actually) that we simply did not need the expense and brain-vacuum of cable TV.  That was long before streaming video was a thing (we met in 1998) but we’ve never had reason to change our minds on such.  I wrote this article in 2011 about the fact that we have no TV in our house, and why exactly we chose that.   The math has just never worked out for us on how much TV we would have to watch to make the cable bill worth it, when we already don’t have time in our lives to watch more than an occasional movie before bed.

Can you practice Scientology outside of a Church?  Is the Church itself as important as the content of the religion?

  • Short answer:  The short answer to the question is that I feel that the Church of Scientology as an organization is absolutely intrinsic to the actual practice of Scientology itself, and that whilst books and lectures containing the scripture of Scientology can exist on their own and obviously require no organization to study, the practice of Scientology itself absolutely requires an organization and in most cases assumes the existence of an organization in order to be practiced at all.
  • Long Answer: I went into great detail on this question on this article here:  Question: Is the Organizational Body of the Church of Scientology Just as Important as the Content of the Religion?
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