Why Silent Birth?

Why No Talking?

In his internationally best selling book, Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health, L. Ron Hubbard recommends that labor and delivery be done in as calm and emotionally-secure environment as possible:

“A woman who wants her child to have the best possible chance will find a doctor who will agree to keep quiet especially during the delivery, and who will insist upon silence being maintained in the hospital delivery room as far as it is humanly possible.”

The Reactive Mind Records All

What is said and done to a person when unconscious and in pain is recorded in the mind below one’s awareness. These recordings can “play back” later in life, causing a person to react inappropriately, or even to suffer from unwanted psychosomatic illnesses, lowered IQ and disabilities.

Thousands of case studies of those undergoing Dianetics counseling prove that what was said by others present during the trauma of birth is recorded in the reacitve mind. The idle chatter of doctors and nurses, or loud remarks and laughter, even the commands, “PUSH! PUSH! PUSH!” have been recorded by the person when being born, affecting emotional and spiritual well-being later in life.

Numerous examples of this can be found in the book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

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