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The Subtle Invalidation of Children

The following excellent article is contributed by Diane D. Norgard, a Parent Consultant at the Mace-Kingsley Family Center. Definition of Invalidation The definition of invalidation is: refuting or degrading or discrediting or denying something someone else considers to be fact.  Basically it is no attention.  It actually acts as force and is equivalent to being […]

Pregnancy Assist Programs: Using Scientology to Have a Stress-Free Pregnancy & Birth Experience

In Scientology, it is common for pregnant women to get what is usually called a Pregnancy Assist.  As defined in the Scientology Handbook: “An assist, then, can be described as a Scientology process which is done to alleviate a present time discomfort. A process is an exact series of directions or sequence of actions taken […]

Helping People with Differing Religious Beliefs at the Scientology VM Tent

v At the Scientology VM Tent , originally uploaded by tadnkat. This weekend, Mackenzie & I spent some time helping out at the Scientology Volunteer Ministers tent, down by the Washington Monument in DC. Mackenzie loved helping me tour people through the tent, speaking up with “Da dah dah dah dah!!” while I was explaining […]

Now THAT is an Aware Baby!

Sporting the Post-Bathtime Elvis Curl Action, originally uploaded by tadnkat. Ever since she was first born, we’ve been getting comments that Mackenzie is the most aware baby they’ve ever seen. That’s an attribute she’s not shed in her first 7 months – she’s only become more aware, more alert, and just as happy. Reflecting on […]