4th of July Fireworks for the Munchkins

It was the first 4th of July Fireworks for both of my kids this year, as my daughter missed out on seeing them last year.  We watched them from Fort Belvoir in Virginia, forgoing the nasty downtown DC traffic. 

My 22-month old daughter’s commentary on the fireworks?  When my wife asked her about them on our trip home, she said,

“I liked the ppphirewurtz!  But dey were LOUD!!”


Indeed, she requested to go pee in the middle of the fireworks, and watched half of the display from the inside of the port-a-john.  But all told, she liked them, despite the military-grade loudness.


My 5-month-old son did great too – just leaning back with my wife (who had her hands over his ears) and basked in the light show. 

And a random sidenote – I wasn’t thinking I’d be RIGHT UNDER the fireworks, as I brought only my 50mm prime lens for my DSLR.  But the wide aperture and great low-light performance of the SLT-A33 made the video above still pretty nice-looking.

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