Andrea & Silvia

Hello there, my name is Andrea and I’m a really proud father of a wonderful kid.  His name is Leonardo.  He turned 1 a couple of months ago and he’s a real champion for me and my wife.  He’s all my life of course.

Like my friend Tad, I’m a Scientologist and I do apply the data  I’ve learned and studied from L. Ron Hubbard to my life and with my family.  And I know that’s why I have a kid who is always smiling, always active (until he’s really dead tired). He started walking when he was 10 months old, which is pretty early for the average kid.  He gets himself understood in any way.  And the thing that surprised me is that he looks at me when he’s trying to comunicate something and he looks if I understood what he’s saying.  I guess I’m doing a good job on teaching him the good comunication cycle.

He observes a lot and learns from watching me and my wife doing things.  He started to eat by himself already.  It might be that it’s my kid but I believe he’s really smart.  And I do believe that he’s that smart because of the data I’ve learned and apply to my life.

My wife and I think that we’re very lucky to have a kid like this, but then I think that it’s also thanks to the LRH data that things are like these for our family.  I can truly say that I’m happy about this whole situation.  I’m also happy because I know I caused this together with my wife.

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