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The Reeves Family, on the eve of Mackenzie's First Birthday
Our Family, on the eve of Mackenzie’s First Birthday

Hi! My name is Tad, and I’m the proud father of one of the more adorable and wonderful little girls on the planet.   I started this website initially as a complement to my Baby 365 Project on Flickr, cataloging my baby’s first year and my fun in parenting her, but as with many websites, the scope has increased.  🙂

See, one of the more fun parts in raising Mackenzie so far has been in the application of various parts of Scientology to the challenges and new experiences we’ve faced in bringing her up.    The Founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard,  had plenty to say about the raising of children, and offers a ton of tools – easy ones – that parents can use to make raising their child go better & smoother.

You don’t have to “be a Scientologist” to use these tools — meaning, you don’t need to give up any other religious beliefs or affiliations you currently have to get benefit from their use.  This is made quite obvious when you study them.  There isn’t a major religion anywhere that I’m aware of which would be in conflict with any of these Scientology principles as regards parenting and childbirth, so I encourage you to read up and make use of what of this is true for you.

Please feel free to participate in discussion on the site to find out more.  Easiest way to, however, is to just walk into any Church or Mission of Scientology and take one of the outstanding parenting courses they have available, such as the Having a Happy Baby Course or the Successfully Raising Children Course — both of which my wife and I have taken and are still astounded with the results of.

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