Add Another to the List of Things I Now Appreciate: Green Nail Polish

Pretty Green Nails!, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

Add another one to the list of things I now appreciate, but formerly never thought I would: green nail polish. At 20 months old, my daughter is now more and more getting into “being pretty”, in addition to the other traits which I’ve had no trouble appreciating (running fast, kicking soccer balls, jumping headfirst off the couch and loving it, etc). But now that she can have pretty nails like mommy too – well, she’s pretty sure that’s just about the awesomest thing ever.

As I had posted previously, I’m definitely of the opinion that a huge part of helping kids grow up is helping them have the GOAL to grow up. Putting things there which are REAL to them, which give them the impetus to be more grown-up, be more responsible, more aware, and more able to handle the environment.

Over the weekend, in addition to painting pretty nails, we also did lots of clean up around the house. We were amazed, again, at how much our daughter responded to our wanting to clean up: i.e. once we had to take a break and change the baby’s diaper. The second the diaper was folded up next to the baby, she ran & grabbed it, and said, “Diaper – in the trash!!” – and ran and threw it in the trash. Then, daddy went & fed the baby a breastmilk bottle and once done, I put the bottle on the floor. She ran & grabbed it, said, “Bottle is empty!” and then ran & threw the bottle into the sink.

I love it!

So, if painting nails is just another step towards her being more and more like mommy – well, I’ll definitely be setting my macho-ness aside and embracing it. 🙂

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