Amberleigh’s Birth Story

This amazing birth story was sent in by Amberleigh, a Seattle-area Scientologist who took me on quite the emotional roller-coaster reading this one.  Amberleigh ended up getting exactly what she decided she was going to have for her birth – most of which amazingly came to pass.  Her story follows.

Amberleigh and Baby Tristan
Amberleigh and Baby Tristan, resting after some hard work.

With my third pregnancy – my son, Tristan Asa – I had nonchalantly (and somewhat unwittingly) made a few decisions before the birth.  I had decided that (1) I wanted the birth to be shorter than my daughter’s was (8.5hrs),  (2)  I wanted him to hopefully not be so big as my daughter was,  (3) I wanted no drugs involved and that (4) he would come earlier than she did.  The day before I went into labor my doctor had said that the baby was definitely over 8 pounds and that I could expect to give birth in two weeks — I was three weeks out at this point.  The very next day at 9am my water broke as I was grinding the morning coffee…. I was on the phone with daddy (Adrian) at the time and could barely hear him as my daughter giggled with excitement in the background when she gathered what was happening.  We got to the hospital and the nurses said I wouldn’t be leaving again until I had my son in my arms.

We got prepped in the delivery room (which I requested had dim lights and no music) and I started experiencing labor pains.  An hour into it I was in absolutely excrutiating pain and pleaded with the doctor to get an epidural.  He sent in the anesthesiologist right as I was in the middle of a HORRIBLE contraction which rendered me speechless.  As there were six other women in need of the shot, he got impatient when I didn’t answer him right away and he exasperatedly left the room.  I had lost my chance… I was five cm dialated and past the point of getting the drugs.  Well – there’s that “no drugs” part of my decision that ended up coming to pass!

At this point we had a machine hooked up vaginally to hear Tristan’s heartbeat, and for whatever reason the monitor said his heart STOPPED.  My heart dropped into my belly. But then I watched the doctor quickly and professionally stick his hand inside me and probe the baby’s head — and thankfully his heart started again!  He immediately told the nurses to prep for an emergency c-section.  I shakily signed the consent form, not caring about what it said as the pain was unbearable.  They ushered Adrian out to get scrubs on and transferred me to a wheeled bed where I was pushed, crouched on all fours through the hallway toward the operating room.

Then the bearing down started. There was NO WAY I couldn’t push with all my might.  The gown that tied in the back exposed me to the rest of the hospital staff and vistors (much to my dismay).  Once in the operating room, I was told to turn over so they could get me ready for the cut…. but I couldn’t stop pushing!
The nurse grabbed Adrian and said, “the baby’s coming!” and with two MIGHTY pushes (and a lot of wailing — I tried to be quiet, but to no avail), my Tristan Asa appeared, 6 pounds, 4 ounces, three weeks early, without drugs and all in under 6 hrs from start to finish.  🙂  He was healthy and happy!!

Scary story at times, but all in all, I had exactly what I wanted and had decided I would have!

But advice to mothers-to-be: be very specific with what you decide you want, before the birth, because you are more powerful than you know – and what you decide may end up being exactly what you get!

2 thoughts on “Amberleigh’s Birth Story

  1. This reminds me of a good friend who was told, in the first few months of pregnancy, her cervix was not strong enough and wasn’t holding the baby in very well. It was a big problem. She decided her cervix was going to be STRONG. Well guess what, it came time to have the baby and she was in pre-labor for five days. The midwife told her it was the strongest cervix she’d seen – it was holdling the baby in nice and tight! Goes to show you what your decisions can do.

    Nice job to Amberleigh, and congrats on the arrival of Tristan!

    1. Thanks so much, Megan! It is cool to be able to share this story and hear about others who’ve made it go right! I love how people are realizing how “thought” is powerful over bodies and the physical universe… this is wonderful!


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