Bothered by the News? Family or Co-Workers Upset? Please Read This.


If you’re a parent or know any little kids, or even remember being a little kid, chances are you or someone close to you has been affected directly or emotionally by the recent tragedy in Connecticut. The first thought of more than a few parents I know (including myself) has been to find one’s own children and hold them tight. However, whilst it is a tragedy, letting it affect you and your family deeply is only going to worsen your own life and your ability to continue living.

Here are some things you can do right now to help yourself or your family in times like this where the environment is made to seem extremely dangerous:

1. Watch this video:

Solutions for a Dangerous Environment Video - Scientology video on tools to deal with a Dangerous Environment

Please watch the video linked above.  It will give you immediate tools you can use to deal with a dangerous environment, or when the news is blaring in massive 60-pt headlines about killing, destruction and death.  

2. How to Assist Someone Emotionally Distressed by the News

When something like this happens in the news, it can be VERY hard emotionally on people.  Today’s news affected children, and as such, I’ve seen more than one parent nearly collapsing in a pile of grief and fear, unable to get on with life in a causative manner.  An easy process you can do with anyone who feels life is all of the sudden more dangerous is detailed in the Volunteer Ministers course on Solutions for a Dangerous Environment.

To quote from the course materials:

When a person gets too upset or confused, one can have him look around his environment and find something that isn’t being a threat to him. Carry on doing this until the person is very happy or relieved and has had a realization about himself, the environment or life in general.

A person can also use this technique directly on himself. For example, an individual can be in his office and very worried about something. He may be sitting at his desk with papers piling up. Everything seems to be in a high uproar, and he feels completely overwhelmed. The person himself ought to be able to look at the papers on his desk (the source of the threat) and find something about them that is not a threat. By making such a discovery, the threat will balance out.

So, if you have someone in your family or your office who is upset or confused by the environment, please take a few minutes and run the above process on them.   And then turn it around, if you need to.  That way, you can both be a stable influence for others. 

There are 6 other tools detailed in the above materials which can also help, so be sure to read them and use them.  It works like magic.

3. Understand What’s Behind This

Most all of us feel utter outrage when something like this happens – especially when it happens to children.  It’s important to understand the forces at work behind acts of complete insanity like this. 

School Shooters - Psychotropic Drugs behind School Shootings

Please watch the above video, as it will explain what’s been documented to be behind nearly every school shooting that’s happened in recent history. 

This site also lists them out in detail.  Just know that this sort of behavior is not normal nor is it “because of violent video games” or any other wrong, dead-end reasoning.  And there is something you can do about it

Hope this helps!

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  1. Thanks! I passed it on to a Mom who used it today with a whole class of young kids and she said they all walked out smiling and happy! 🙂 Can you please repost so people keep seeing it?

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