Cute Story: My 2-year-old Getting an Assist from a 3-year-old

My 2-year-old daughter, and her 3-year-old boyfriend.

Yesterday, my wife was at home all day watching our kids, plus one of my 2-year-old daughter’s best friends, James – a strapping blonde male who is a full year her senior.

They of course got along like peas & carrots, the two of them playing together and having a great time.

When I got home from work, after having fun playing with them for a while, we sat down in my daughter’s room to read a story about the FAVORITE subject for either my daughter or her friend: Thomas the Tank Engine.   However, my daughter got a little too engaged into the story, and forgot where she was, and then WHOMP!  She toppled off the bed backwards and fell on the floor square on her back.   HARD.

Crying ensued, and then after getting her back up onto the bed, I was about to administer a “Tell me About It” assist, as gone over in the Volunteer Minister materials.  However, my daughter’s concerned, 3-year-old buddy (incidentally also from a Scientologist family) beat me to the punch.  I just stood and watched, slack-jawed, as the following dialog transpired:

James (after kissing her head): “What happened, Mackenzie?”

Mackenzie: “I fell down – on the ploor.”

James: “Oh, you went down?”

Mackenzie: “Ya – I went down off the bed bap-wards, James.  I bonked.”

James: “Oh.  Are you OK now?”

Mackenzie: “Ya – I’m o-tay.  What’s Thomas doing?”

…and they both proceeded to read the Thomas book like nothing had happened.

I basically dissolved on the bed in omigodthatwassocute parental tears.

Shows you how easy it is to get results with good communication and Assists.

13 thoughts on “Cute Story: My 2-year-old Getting an Assist from a 3-year-old

  1. I love that story!!!!!!!! Not Thomas the Tank, your story!

    Thanks for sharing it. Just goes to show you kids learn by example.

  2. naaaaah, how adorable!!!! I really get the picture of those two 🙂 Even if I am no parent, I can totally see your face 😀

  3. Love it. I caught my 2 year old giving her doll a touch assist a couple weeks ago. She kept saying: “look at my finger. Good. Look at my finger. Good.” And then: “Are you OK now?”

    It is amazing what they pick up.

    1. That’s adorable! It is actually shocking how aware they are, and how easily they can just duplicate your actions.

  4. That is incredibly awesome!! I ran a childcare for over 20 years. I am a scientologist as well but serviced all denomiations. I could probably write a thick book on such experiences that occured in my childcare through out those years. It would be entertaining to say the least, but a testimonial as well. One of my favorites though was a non-scientologist 3 year old running, “Where did it happen? Where are you now?” It was one of my prouder moments as a childcare provider. This little girl,(the non-Scn.) handled her hysterical girlfreind, (Scn. and also 3yrs old)like a pro. Only took about 5 commands. As all of the parents that were present watched, including my assistant, our jaws were dropped and there were tears in everyones eyes at the love and care between the two freinds. The mom of the injured child was speechless, as, her daughter did not run to her for help. Instead, she allowed her girfriend to help her w/LRH! After the two little girls were done with the assist, they grabbed hands and ran off and played. That is how setting a good example as a parent affects your children. That is exactly what it looks like you have done. Kudos to you!:)

    1. Oh, my goodness that’s amazing. I would have been a puddle on the floor.

      I’d love some of your stories from your ample experience – I’ll bet we all could benefit from them!

  5. A number of years ago, a group of adults, myself included, were waiting for the end of a meeting in another part of the building. I had my daughter with me who was three at the time, and another child who was two. It was very late and the two year old was tired and could not be calmed for the want of mommy. The adults in the group were trying to “reason” with the tired child by telling her mommy would be there soon, etc.

    My three year old knew how to handle it though. She took the little girl by the hand and walked her around and had her looking at things – “Look at that picture.” “Ok. Look at that plant.” “Ok”. After a couple of minutes, calm was restored. We adults stood there, now kind of embarrassed at having been out-handled by a three year old!

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