Cuteness Overload

OMG, he’s ticklish!, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

WARNING: make sure not to watch the above video if you are known to black out, explode, erupt into rainbows, or have any other adverse reaction to cuteness overload.

That being said, I figured that after sharing the story of my son’s birth on this site, that I’d give a little demonstration of his cuteness powers – seeing as he’s definitely giving his sister a run for her money in the cuteness olympics.

imageAs you can see here, we just found out that he’s ticklish, and will actually give us laughs when tickled around his neck. Otherwise, he’s just a bucket of smiles all the time – smiling at just about anyone who’ll smile at him – which is, well, everyone. 🙂

As L. Ron Hubbard said in closing the chapter in The Way to Happiness entitled Love and Help Children

“A child factually does not do well without love.  Most children have an abundance of it to return.”  — LRH

Not even two months old, and this boy is already starting to give it back!

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