Day 298 | She’s Officially Walking Today!!

Unfortunately, this video is right after her historical walking event – as I wasn’t quick enough on the draw with the camera to get the magic moment, and she wasn’t into doing an instant replay.

But this is how the event happened: after mommy and I had been doing some practice walking runs, with the two of us sitting about 5′ apart and Mackenzie taking a step or two on her own, walking between us (like this video here), Kat & I went to do some other work around the house and Mackenzie crawled off to go investigate something in the kitchen. Then, she just pulled herself into a standing position against the oven, propping herself up with one arm, and then got interested in something else. So, without hesitating or thinking, she just started walking away from the oven, and took four good-quality steps before stopping and then pitching down onto her hands & knees to crawl away. Both Kat & I witnessed it – it’s official! 9 1/2 months, and she’s a-walkin!

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