Dealing with Toddler Grief & Loss – Use of Assists

There’s one thing any parent hates seeing, and that’s to see their child genuinely grieving about something.  It’s one thing when it’s relatively petty like “Sammy won’t let me play with that toy,” but quite another thing when it’s having to watch their yearlong friend go away for good.   So, of course, I did then end up getting a bit emotional on this subject myself in the video below.

We had our au pair for a year, and it was fantastic.  I wrote an article about it last year, extolling the many benefits of having an au pair.   It, of course, only got better after the aforementioned article was written, as our au pair got more and more familiar with our family, how we work, and what we need to stay sane with two working parents and two little munchkins.

Of course, the only bad part about having an au pair, is that after a year they have to go back to their home country.  (Well, in certain circumstances they can extend their visa for another year, but that’s rare.)  And while one can (and we will!) get another au pair, the problem is that the kids grow rather, rather attached to this girl who’s been their friend for the past year.

As I said in the above video, the day was saved again (for like the thousandth time since becoming a parent) by use of Scientology Assists.  I said in the video I’d provide links to the free training provided on how to do these assists, and here they are:

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