How Scientology Parents Welcome the Newborn Baby

How do Scientologists welcome their newborn babies?

Celebrity media, as usual, has been going nuts about the upcoming Kelly Preston birth [edit: no longer “upcoming” – congratulations!], and unfortunately a dazzling number of these mindless gossip outlets have been copy/pasting the exact same bizarre inventions of what “Scientologists are required to do..” – all of which have nothing whatsoever from what’s written in Scientology scripture, nor what Scientologists do in practice.

We’ve covered pretty exhaustively how Scientologists treat the birthing process, with FAQs on “silent birth” and a bunch of stories from Scientologists who’ve given birth with these methods.

But what about immediately after the birth?  What happens then?  Well, nothing too out-the-ordinary, actually.

3850243039_ef91d1470a_bScientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard said:

Scientology parents make the baby part of the family at once.  They start talking to the baby.  They usually make very, very sure that the baby didn’t have a rough passage prenatally and that the baby had a decent and easy birth.

When a child arrives, the normal thing they tell the child is, “Well, how are you?  Glad you’re here.”

And you’d think offhand that this would simply be fond parental belief that the child was answering up, but it isn’t.  It’s amazing.

You tell a little baby, if you’re its parent, “We’re going to keep you.  It’s okay.  We’re going to keep you.”  And you always get a sigh!  They’re so happy about that.  It’s such a relief to them.

– L. Ron Hubbard

3849898804_cd3dc51bee_b That quote is taken from the Having a Happy Baby Course – a course that any parents (Scientologist or not) are encouraged to take to help give parents simple basics they can use to have a happy, healthy baby.

To me, that’s just common sense, too.  I think that anyone welcoming their new bundle of joy into the world would indeed want to make them immediately part of the family, to offer them love and affection, and to make sure they know they’re a keeper!  🙂

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