Kelly Preston – Video Interview on Motherhood, Love, Hope, and Family (Tear Jerker)

Kelly Preston on The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet from Kelly Preston on Vimeo.

Kelly’s interview with Amanda de Cadenet on Lifetime’s The Conversation. Original air date May 10, 2012.

Kelly Preston & her son Benjamin
Kelly Preston & her son Benjamin

This interview, originally airing on 10 May, is a tear-jerker. Kelly Preston tells of her immense love of her kids, and her love of being a mother, and how her friends, family, and Scientology auditing helped her recover from the loss of her son, and move on whole-heartedly to being a mother once again.

2 thoughts on “Kelly Preston – Video Interview on Motherhood, Love, Hope, and Family (Tear Jerker)

  1. I love this interview and it reminds me of a beautiful friend of mine who lost three of her four children in a plane crash over thirty years go. She expressed the same feeling that Kelly expressed, that the Scientology counselling she received was the only thing that got her through the tremendous grief and loss she had so she could go on. My friend went on to live a very full life and her daughter gave her three beautiful grandchildren to enjoy and love. She was an amazing person, a fun spirit and always praised the help she’d gotten from Scientology. It gave her her life back.

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