My daughter's Scientology naming ceremony at the Church of Scientology in Portland.

Our Baby’s Naming Ceremony at the Church of Scientology Portland

My daughter’s Scientology naming ceremony at the Church of Scientology in Portland.

It’s a tradition in many cultures to have a ceremony whereby new additions to the family, and to the community, get introduced to their group members and welcomed into the fold.   Scientologists are no different in this regard, and as such we wanted to have a naming ceremony for our third baby at our local Church of Scientology in Portland, Oregon.

I’ve written about it before – but the members of my church are my best friends.  The friendships our family has in the Scientology community are amazingly caring and supportive, and such I want them included in my extended family as much as I enjoy being able to support and back up theirs.

The naming & recognition services for the Scientology religion are covered in the book, TheBackground, Ministry, Ceremonies and Sermons of the Scientology Religion.   The full Recognition & Naming Service is a beautiful ceremony actually, for me mostly so because of how completely and succinctly it delineates the jobs of the parents and the god-parents, both for the benefit of themselves and for the baby.

This particular quote from the service itself I think sums up best the intention behind the ceremony, and why it was important to share this moment with our close friends:

“Yet always remember this:  Young [baby’s name]’s life is HIS and, in the final account, it is for him to make the choice what path he choose, what game he play.  And should he in later time decide, to turn away from that which seems to us to be the only game worthwhile, then that too is his right.

“Our job is to teach and to ensure that he in time to come reaches that freedom that he can deliver himself the good and rightful judgement of his fate.

“We help, we teach, and by our skills we introduce into our fellow being the capacity to understand.  AND THAT IS ALL.

“Let no one say, ‘You must do thus and thus, we have so decided.’”

My wife and I are so glad to welcome our newest addition to our loving group!

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