Your Spouse is NOT the Enemy

The Pleasure of Sleeping on the Beach
In all this family business, it’s good to remember who the good guys are.
Yes, parenting can be stressful.  Especially given trying circumstances like new jobs, schools & schedules, sick children (or multiple sick children, to up the skill level on you), terrible twos, terrible teens, finance issues, sometimes one just feels like yelling from all the stress, and some (unfortunately) turn to their spouse.
Just a tip, though, from LRH:

“A teammate is someone who assists the overwhelming of the enemy. Aberration is mainly the overwhelming of teammates (wrong target).When one views life as a complexity of attempts to overwhelm, he begins to understand it rather well. Two people may be playing many games, some between them, some with others. They are opponents in some things, teammates in others. They succeed in the ratio that they can define their games AND overwhelm the proper enemy for each game. Marriages fail only because the games get confused between husband and wife.”

– L. Ron Hubbard
Professional Auditors Bulletin 80 – Scientology’s Most Workable Process

Offers quite a bit of food for thought in and of itself.   Are you doing things in the family that are helping the family overwhelm its enemies?   Or are you trying to overwhelm your spouse?

Need ideas on brushing up your marriage?  Have a look at the free Scientology Marriage Course, available online here.




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