Pregnancy Assist Programs: Using Scientology to Have a Stress-Free Pregnancy & Birth Experience


In Scientology, it is common for pregnant women to get what is usually called a Pregnancy Assist.  As defined in the Scientology Handbook:

“An assist, then, can be described as a Scientology process which is done to alleviate a present time discomfort. A process is an exact series of directions or sequence of actions taken to accomplish a desired result. There are many processes contained in the materials of Scientology, but assists make up a class of processes in themselves.”

As such, a Pregnancy Assist program is a tailor-made program of assists and auditing made for the expecting mother, that help the woman in various ways. One of these is physically. Getting daily or regular assists, such as Touch Assists or Body Comms, the woman is able to get into and stay in better communication with her body, ease the discomforts that can come along with pregnancy, and improve her physical and mental well-being.

If you’re unfamiliar with what the Scientology practice of Auditing is, this video can give you the two-minute introduction, and make the remainder of this article make more sense.

The auditing on the pregnancy assist program is designed to help the woman handle any areas of concern, or any past bad experiences related to pregnancy and childbirth, and to alleviate the common (and not-so-common) worries and stresses of pregnancy. By getting rid of these, or at least alleviating them, the woman can have the very best pregnancy she can have, the smoothest labor and delivery possible, and avoid the emotional “after-effects” that some women have after giving birth. Many women that receive these pregnancy auditing programs have very pleasant, wonderful pregnancy and birth experiences, with very little trouble.

To give you an idea of what is taken up with such a program, here are some examples of types of things that can be on these pregnancy assist programs – a program that is tailor-made for the individual based on her experience and concerns:

Handling Upsets, Problems and Harmful Actions:

One common action on such a program handles things like the following: (1) auditing to address any upsets with the body, with others, with yourself, even with the environment because of, or in connection with the pregnancy, (2) auditing to address any problem the woman might have while pregnant or because of her condition, (3) auditing to handle an harmful acts the person had committed on herself, the body, or others, to sort out any upset related to having to withhold her own body from others or the environment due to being pregnant.  This action, in itself, can dramatically reduce stress on the mother during pregnancy and childbirth.

Handling items the mother finds most concerning:

Another action often included in the auditing program is, using the E-Meter as shown in the video above,  to check over various areas that might be of concern to that particular woman and release a lot of that charge by allowing the woman to talk about and take a look at these areas. The fact that a trained auditor is able to this with an E-Meter means that the mother only takes up and handles those areas that in-fact have large amounts of pent-up emotion and are “charged”, and avoids wasting time talking about areas that are of no concern to the mother herself.  This could include areas like being pregnant, babies, delivery, labor, labor pain, children, family, being a mother, etc. On this auditing the woman is often released from a tremendous amount of pent-up concerns and worries about these areas, and finds she can face them more easily, more happily, and more capably.


The other action usually taken to assist the mother is using Dianetics auditing to handle any negative charge associated with the woman’s own birth or with any previous times she’s given birth. The woman can also be audited on any negative emotions, pains and discomforts connected with her pregnancy.   If you’re unfamiliar with Dianetics, the quick video below should make it clear how this technique would be addressed to pregnancy and birth:

After Birth:

After the birth, it is usual to further help the woman recover by giving her further assists and by auditing the birth with Dianetics.

Where a Pregnancy Assist Program can be Obtained:

Pregnancy Assist programs are delivered in any Church of Scientology around the world, and also can be delivered by Field Auditors – Scientology practitioners who live in virtually every country of earth.   If you leave a comment on the blog, we can work with you directly to find your nearest location, or you can simply look it up here.


Following are some quotations by L. Ron Hubbard from some of his materials which go over Scientology and Dianetics and how it is specifically addressed to the pregnant mother or the new mother, and are available for anyone to study in full:

“It is very common for pregnant mothers to be audited and to audit on Dianetics and is in fact vital.” – LRH
(Bulletin entitled “Pregnancy and Auditing”)

“Dianetic auditing particularly lends itself to specific situations. For instance, a pregnant woman should be audited on emotions and somatics relating to birth or babies before delivery. We used to simply audit the girl’s own birth and any past births. Then immediately after delivery the engram is run out. Handling pregnancy in this fashion has the woman up and about in three days and in fine condition. This prevents utterly the extreme of “postpartum psychosis,” as mental upset due to delivery is called. It prevents any upset with the husband or child. It prevents physical aftereffects. In short, it should be done.”  — LRH(Bulletin entitled “The Uses of Auditing”)

“The AUDITING ASSIST is done by a trained auditor using an E-Meter.
It consists of ‘running out’ the physically painful experience the person has just undergone, accident, illness, operation or emotional shock. This erases the ‘psychic trauma’ and speeds healing to a remarkable degree if done properly.” – LRH
(Bulletin entitled “Dianetic Assists”)

Also, from the same reference:

“The acceleration of healing of medical illness or injury, such as broken bones or the after-effects of delivery or operations, can be accomplished by the Dianetic auditing of the resulting trauma soon after full medical treatment or attention. The improvement factor is about one-third the normal time of recovery by some thousands of test cases.” – LRH

Credit to Stephanie C. for her help in compiling this article!!


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