Pregnancy Assist Programs: Using Scientology to Have a Stress-Free Pregnancy & Birth Experience

It requires no explanation that pregnancy and childbirth is intensely demanding both physically and emotionally. To help the mother deal with this successfully, in Scientology it is common for pregnant women to get what is usually called a Pregnancy Assist program.  As defined in the Scientology Handbook:

“An assist, then, can be described as a Scientology process which is done to alleviate a present time discomfort. A process is an exact series of directions or sequence of actions taken to accomplish a desired result. There are many processes contained in the materials of Scientology, but assists make up a class of processes in themselves.”

As such, a Pregnancy Assist program is a tailor-made program of Scientology Assists and Auditing made for the that individual expecting mother, processes which help the woman in various ways: physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Getting daily or regular assists, such as Touch Assists or Body Comm process, the woman is able to get into and stay in better communication with her body, and to ease the discomforts that can come along with pregnancy, and improve her physical and mental well-being.

This video further discusses the topic of Assists and how they’re used in Scientology:


If you’re unfamiliar with what the Scientology practice of Auditing is, this video can give you the two-minute introduction, and make the remainder of this article make more sense.

I additionally gave a longer introduction to what Auditing is to a college student who interviewed me on the subject of Scientology.

The auditing on the Pregnancy Assist program is designed to help the woman handle any areas of concern, or any past bad experiences related to pregnancy and childbirth, and to alleviate the common (and not-so-common) worries and stresses of pregnancy. By getting rid of these, or at least alleviating them, the woman can have the very best pregnancy she can have, the smoothest labor and delivery possible, and avoid the emotional “after-effects” that some women have after giving birth. Many women that receive these pregnancy auditing programs have very pleasant, wonderful pregnancy and birth experiences, with very little trouble.

To give you an idea of what is taken up with such a program, here are some examples of types of things that can be on these pregnancy assist programs – a program that is tailor-made for the individual based on her experience and concerns:

Handling Upsets, Problems and Harmful Actions

One common action on such a program handles things like the following:

(1) Auditing to address any upsets with the body, with others, with yourself, even with the environment because of, or in connection with the pregnancy,

(2) Auditing to address any problem the woman might have while pregnant or because of her condition,

(3) Auditing to handle an harmful acts the person had committed on herself, the body, or others, to sort out any upset related to having to withhold her own body from others or the environment due to being pregnant. 

This action, in itself, can dramatically reduce stress on the mother during pregnancy and childbirth.

40 weeks pregnant with our second

Handling items the mother finds most concerning

Another action often included in the auditing program is, using the E-Meter as shown in the video above,  to check over various areas that might be of concern to that particular woman and release a lot of that charge by allowing the woman to talk about and take a look at these areas.

The fact that a trained auditor is able to this with an E-Meter means that the mother only takes up and handles those areas that in-fact have large amounts of pent-up emotion and are “charged”, and avoids wasting time talking about areas that are of no concern to the mother herself.  This could include areas like the fact of being pregnant, babies, delivery, labor, labor pain, children, family, being a mother, etc. On this Auditing the woman is often released from a tremendous amount of pent-up concerns and worries about these areas, and finds she can face them more easily, more happily, and more capably.


The other action usually taken to assist the mother is using Dianetics auditing to handle any negative charge associated with the woman’s own birth or with any previous times she’s given birth. The woman can also be audited on any negative emotions, pains and discomforts connected with her pregnancy.   If you’re unfamiliar with Dianetics, the quick video below should make it clear how this technique would be addressed to pregnancy and birth:

After Birth

After the birth, it is usual to further help the woman recover by giving her further assists and by auditing the birth with Dianetics.

Where a Pregnancy Assist Program can be Obtained

Pregnancy Assist programs are delivered in any Church of Scientology around the world, and also can be delivered by Field Auditors – Scientology practitioners who live in virtually every country of earth.   If you leave a comment on the blog, we can work with you directly to find your nearest location, or you can simply look it up here.


Following are some quotations by L. Ron Hubbard from some of his materials which go over Scientology and Dianetics and how it is specifically addressed to the pregnant mother or the new mother, and are available for anyone to study in full:

“It is very common for pregnant mothers to be audited and to audit on Dianetics and is in fact vital.” – LRH
(Bulletin entitled “Pregnancy and Auditing”)

“Dianetic auditing particularly lends itself to specific situations. For instance, a pregnant woman should be audited on emotions and somatics relating to birth or babies before delivery. We used to simply audit the girl’s own birth and any past births. Then immediately after delivery the engram is run out. Handling pregnancy in this fashion has the woman up and about in three days and in fine condition. This prevents utterly the extreme of “postpartum psychosis,” as mental upset due to delivery is called. It prevents any upset with the husband or child. It prevents physical aftereffects. In short, it should be done.”  — LRH(Bulletin entitled “The Uses of Auditing”)

“The AUDITING ASSIST is done by a trained auditor using an E-Meter.
It consists of ‘running out’ the physically painful experience the person has just undergone, accident, illness, operation or emotional shock. This erases the ‘psychic trauma’ and speeds healing to a remarkable degree if done properly.” – LRH
(Bulletin entitled “Dianetic Assists”)

Also, from the same reference:

“The acceleration of healing of medical illness or injury, such as broken bones or the after-effects of delivery or operations, can be accomplished by the Dianetic auditing of the resulting trauma soon after full medical treatment or attention. The improvement factor is about one-third the normal time of recovery by some thousands of test cases.” – LRH

Credit to Stephanie C. for her help in compiling this article!!

17 thoughts on “Pregnancy Assist Programs: Using Scientology to Have a Stress-Free Pregnancy & Birth Experience

  1. I did a pregnancy assist program while I was pregnant with my first daughter. I really enjoyed it; I came out of it with a great calm, certainty and excitement about the whole thing. All three of my pregnancies went great–I really enjoyed them! And while of course birth is work and includes some pain, I couldn’t have imagined better birth experiences. I had all 3 of my daughters naturally, and they were so smooth. My labors were 6, 8 and 2 hours respectively, and I never felt the pain was unmanageable or felt out of control. In my first pregnancy, the only real problem was that I had TERRIBLE morning sickness the first trimester (before I received my pregnancy assist auditing), which I tried desperately to control with diet and keeping my blood sugar as level as possible. It was interesting to note that on my next two pregnancies, though I had a BIT of morning sickness, it was SIGNIFICANTLY less than that first time before my auditing. I remember my birth experiences with nothing but fondness and a laugh or two. That’s the way it should be!

  2. Pregnancy can be very stressful, I was constantly worried about the baby and the DELIVERY!! I enjoyed being pregnant as much as I could but the nausia and the growing pains were a lot to take at times. I began my pregnancy assists when I was about 6 months along and I wish I had started sooner. The nausia FINALLY subsided and through the assists program I became more comfortable with my changing body. Even the thought of delivering didn’t terrify me anymore. I feel very fortunate to have gone through the program since having a happy mommy is very important. 🙂

  3. I had pregnancy assists and auditing with my first child and it totally handled the fear I had about giving birth. I was even excited. I had the best first pregnancy a woman could ask for. No morning sickness and really almost none with the next 2. My auditing and assists made me feel prepared and for what was going on and what was going to happen when the time came. I have given birth to all three of my children naturally and really rather quickly. My first one was 7 hours and the next was 4 and the last one was 3. I credit the ease of all of my pregnancies to my assists before and after each birth. I had auditing or assists with all three and am definitely the better for it. Thanks to all that helped make my pregnancies and deliveries and recoveries great. I loved being pregnant and my wish is that all women could feel as great as I did!

  4. I had a pregnancy assist about a month ago and it was so nice. I got to address and clear up anxieties about having a baby and being a mom and now feel confident it will go fine and I will do a good job. I don’t have any doubts about my ability to have a good birthing experience and deal with the stresses of new motherhood. This is my first baby and I can say that I am looking forward to his arrival with unreserved excitement. I totally recommend the assist for any and all pregnant women.

  5. I received a pregnancy assist at about 3 months and it was great. I got to address things I had not considered much myself, but that I found I had lots of attention on. One of the things was Labor Pains. That was something that worried me. After addressing this with my Pregnancy Assist I was not anxious or worried about it. People would ask all the time if I was “mentally ready” and that never made much since to me. “Of couse…” But thinking about it now, I was more mentally ready after the assist now my anxities about babies, pregnacy, labor pains, etc. were addressed! I loved being pregnant and I found it totally easy all through my 40 weeks after the assist! I love my daughter! She is 2 months and happy and healthy and amazing!

  6. I had a pregnancy assist both before and after the birth of my first child. I did not have the smooth and easy experiences that other people have had in these comments, however, I feel that the auditing I received was key in handling the lingering upset and pain I felt afterwards when I thought of the birth.

    The the birth itself was long and quite painful. I had an epidural mid-way through the pregnancy, but we needed to turn it off at the end of the labor because the baby just wasn’t coming out and it was either that, or a c-section. She was a very large baby (9.5) lbs and was in the wrong direction (facing up), which equates to a very difficult pregnancy and almost inevitably a c-section. I had three extremely painful hours after the eipdural was turned off, but with much help from my doctor and midwife, my baby girl came out safe and healthy.

    While I was very happy that my baby was born safely and healthy, I still definitely had some ligering emotional upset concerning the birth. The pregnancy assist totally handled all of this, as well as any post-partem trouble I was running into. It was absolutely vital in the role of my happiness and well-being as a mother.

    By the time I had my second child, I felt so good from my previous auditing that I didn’t feel I needed another pregnancy assist. Both the pregnancy and the birth were very smooth and I attribute my previous auditing to this success.

    I would highly reccommend this to all mothers and mothers-to-be!

  7. I highly recommended Pregnancy assists! I have a healthy beautiful daughter that along with myself benefited from ours. I had a great pregnancy with no morning sickness or physical problems. I did have some concerns about delivering and worries about my daughter doing well while developing in the womb. My pregnancy assist totally handled the worry I had. At one point I realized that every thing was totally fine and that she was fine. It was a great moment for me having all that worry dissipate through the assist processes. All the areas I had had attention on were addressed and I felt really good! My love to all the mothers-to-be and all mothers out there! We’ve got one of the best jobs in the world!

  8. I had three children, and only had pregnancy assists with the third, so I can definitely see the contrast. During the assist, we handled specific pregnancy-related pains, such as back pain. After the assists, the pains were simply gone, which greatly improved by well-being for the months I had remaining. The birth (natural, with no drugs) was ridiculously easy, compared to the other two, both of which had very difficult aspects. The third birth was, in contrast, short, unremarkable, and just a walk in the park. The baby was given an Apgar score (overall health score) of 9 out of 10. She was almost perfect. I am very, very grateful to the auditor who made that possible for us.

  9. These programs aim to help expectant mothers have a stress-free pregnancy and birth experience by providing spiritual counseling, relaxation techniques, and other forms of support based on the teachings of Scientology. It is up to individuals to research and decide for themselves whether such programs align with their personal beliefs and values.
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