Scientology Parent Video Blog #1 – Why Scientology & Parenting

When I was first planning to start this website, I was a naïve, brand-new parent, and had these amazing ideas of how I was going to be able to regularly edit together nice pro-quality videos with my nicer cam equipment, and do that regularly as a primary source of content.   Now, two years later, about 80% of my posts on the site have been done either after midnight when the kids and wifelet are out cold, or have been bashed out while riding the Metro into work. 

But, some things are easiest to communicate in a video, so I’m going to start cutting them.  And likely they’re mainly going to be done while I’m out walking the dog (no napping kids to disturb). 

So here you go – a first video blog entry, and an attempt at communicating why it was I started the site in the first place, and why I love applying Scientology as a parent. 

Let me know what you think in the comments – and let me know what else you’d like discussed on the site!


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