Sometimes I'm this tired

Sheer Grit

Being a parent is awesome. But sometimes it really doesn’t feel that way. Life can get really hard, and sometimes there is a lot of random crap going on at once and it really doesn’t feel like there is a ton you can do aside from just grinding through it. And when grinding through it seems tough, about the only thing it feels like you can do is to distract yourself from the bad parts as best you can.

Lacking anything better, the best “technique” a lot of parents seem to have is to just overcome whatever’s in the way with sheer effort, and then make up any lack of effort with coffee or stronger beverages. Finance problems, schedule problems, problems with kids in school, their various moods and issues as they grow older, etc – there’s never only one class of problems we’re meant to solve. But somehow we have to keep going, if only by sheer grit.

But this is where I wanted to highlight something – and I’m writing this both for the Scientologist and non-Scientologist readers alike that I have here, as it’s something that even Scientologists can tend to forget about sometimes:

No matter how hard it is, something can be done about it.


Scientology is not something you BELIEVE, it’s something you DO.

I’m bringing this up particularly because in the tangled mess of life that parenting can sometimes be – especially for those of us who spend a lot of time juggling work with kids and keeping the marriage going and keeping the house up and so forth, it can sometimes seem like it’s all HARD. But “HARD” decomposes into individual problems, and those problems have a WHY or a root cause behind them something that, if you handled it, would make things better.

And here in Scientology we have just SO MANY amazing power tools in the shed that we can go to, to fix up problems in life. As an analogue, a master carpenter isn’t awesome because he’s got business card that says his name with “MASTER CARPENTER” on it. He’s awesome because he can use all his tools expertly to get a product.

So, I wanted to just take a second to remind you how many tools there are in the shed that you, out there, can take and just start using RIGHT AWAY. And I’m reminding you because I personally just had a number of things in life that were happening at once, and I was struggling with juggling them all. And guess what – about 40 minutes in front of the following video on Scientology TV was all I needed to get sorted out and remind myself of the tools that are sitting right there for me to use to get me back to battery.

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