Splashing in Mud Puddles

Splash!Running through the PuddleMud PuddleSplashingWet Butt"I LUB the bear, daddy!"
"The Bear is going REALLY FAST daddy!"Patiently WaitingThe BIG JumpEyesField of Yellow FlowersYellow Flowers
Smiley on the Way Home

Splashing in the Mud Puddles, a set on Flickr.

After a torrential rain, the conversation went thus:

Me: “Mackenzie, do you want to go outiside in the rain with your boots on and go splashing in mud puddles?”
Mackenzie: “YEAH DADDY! I love you daddy!  BAM!

And so it came to pass that we got her new L.L. Bean rain galoshes a good shakedown hike. And yes, it was rad.

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