Successes from Application – Successfully Raising Children & Having a Happy Baby Courses

Parents do the best they can in raising their kids, but most find that it’s a trial-and-error proposition.  How should parents raise children so that they develop self-determinism and initiative and make constructive decisions?

Available in any Church of Scientology are courses which help answer these questions, and give sound principles by which you can use as a parent (or grandparent!) to help raise children that are happy and self-determined contributors to the family.

The courses available include the Successfully Raising Children Course, the Having a Happy Baby Course and the Successfully Parenting Teens & Tweens course.

Successes from Application

Below are successes from parents and grandparents in the Portland, Oregon area who have completed one or more of these courses.

Ben & AdiThe technology contained in these courses is simple, powerful, and magical.  We’ve applied it since our son was born, and continue to apply it today to help navigate him (and us!) through his teenage years.  The result has been all a parent could ever ask for:  a loving, intelligent, self-determined, ethical, aware, contributing and productive young man who has provided us with nearly 16 years of sheer joy, help, and pleasure.  We strongly encourage any parent to do these courses and apply the information within them – you won’t regret it!  Ben & Adi, parents of 1.

This was a fast and simple course.  It takes different stages of a child’s life, and explains how to handle each situation.  I enjoyed learning better ways to handle my children in different parts of their lives.  This is a great course for anyone who has children, or who works with them.  – Justin, father of 3

I chose to do this course because I needed certainty in how I approached the idea of a family.  I now have the knowledge that I sought, and I handle my family much more smoothly, having so much more time and energy to enjoy everyone’s company.  I dodged confusion and exasperation that I didn’t even realize I was experiencing until applying the technology in this course.  It works beautifully!  Taylor, stepmother of 1

Successfully Raising Children has a very important datum on how to handle upsets with your child and how to interest him in different things.  I do not suppress their self-determinism, but I let them decide on their own.  They want to be independent and I let them be, and they are even happier.

As I have three children of different ages and a baby coming soon, I feel that these courses cover the fundamentals that every parent needs to know.  For me as a new parent these courses brought a lot of confidence that I will know how to comfort my child and make him feel duplicated and happy.

I loved these courses and I believe I am a better parent because of the data that I apply with my children every day.”  – Anete, mother of 3

I have 25+ years of working with children at The Delphian School, but when I was looking forward to the arrival of our first granddaughter, I decided to do two courses:  Having a Happy Baby, and Successfully Raising Children.  I loved those courses because it was SO easy to apply them.  There was material in them that I had not seen before, even with all my years of experience caring for children!  It is a perfect way to introduce anyone to key ideas or give one a refresher course on how to love and help children.  I came away from those courses with a positive perspective about all I can do to help my granddaughters.  – Dayle Ann, grandmother of 2

Where to Do These CoursesThese courses are available in any Scientology Church or Mission around the world, and are available in 16 languages.   The parents here completed these courses at the newly-opened Church of Scientology Portland. These parenting courses, as well as many other introductory Life Improvement courses, are delivered 7 days a week in the classroom pictured below:

If you would like to start on one of these courses, or would like more information – or even just to discuss what might be best for you, please contact us here!

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