Educating children on a non-religious moral code in The Way to Happiness.

Scientology Sunday School in the Portland Area

Sunday School at the Lake Oswego Mission

Sunday schools have had a long tradition over the last few hundred years, allowing a place for parents to augment their children’s education with philosophical and religious lessons that aren’t normally taught in school.

In addition to arts & crafts and some fun, the primary focus of the Sunday School lessons was on the precepts of The Way to Happiness, a non-religious moral code which was authored by humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

At the age my kids are at now, I really want to start moving on past identifying things that are just “good” and “bad” (like, “hitting your brother is bad”) and into a broader view of morals to where they can understand for themselves why certain things are right and wrong.   Like, why one should seek to live with the truth, or why one should take care of one’s own body.  Like why one should try to treat others how one would want to be treated, or that one should not harm a person of good will.

Sunday School at the Lake Oswego Mission

Each of these are lessons that my wife & and I have started to broach with them on our own, but are likely better absorbed in a group setting – where kids can give examples of how these apply and can discuss them to their satisfaction.

My aim for my kids has always been to have them learn how to make good decisions on their own, and for them to have a strong moral fabric to their lives based on their own reason and good judgement, rather than on force and consequence.   And I’m happy to have a place for them to learn this with other kids – and glad that they had a great time doing it too!

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  1. That is so nice! I’d seen there was a mission now in Lake Oswego but I haven’t been to see it yet. I used to deliver a Sunday School program at the Portland church, during the adult lecture service, and it was really fun. My kids are old enough now to start studying with adults but you’re never too old for The Way to Happiness so we’ll have to come to the mission and check it out!

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