Video: An 18-Part Interview by a High School Student on Scientology

I was recently contacted by an American high school senior, who asked me if I’d be willing to answer a variety of questions about my experience as a Scientologist, which I was entirely willing to do. A requirement for his class was that he had to record the interview and submit that as well to his teacher. As his questions were honest, well formulated, and incisive, I got his permission to post the interview here for the benefit of others.

The full interview playlist, starting with “What got you started in Scientology?”

The above video should play each of the questions asked in sequence, though if you’d like to skip to one in particular, I’ll list them out here:

  1. “What got you started in Scientology?”
  2. “How do your Scientology beliefs affect your daily life?”
  3. “Do you get negative feedback?” Asking if I’ve gotten negative feedback from people when I tell them that I am a Scientologist.
  4. “Have you tried Auditing?” In this part, answering the question of whether or not I’ve tried auditing, and how it’s affected me.
  5. “Would be OK with disclosing how far you’ve gotten with auditing?” For more info too, I answered this question in detail here on what it was like going Clear, and here with what the process of going Clear consists of.
  6. Basic explanation of Dianetics vs Scientology – A discussion of Dianetics, and it’s relationship to other books of Scientology and the subject as a whole, Scientology’s relationship to eastern religions and spirituality, and what books one would read to get a rapid understanding of Scientology.
  7. “Do you keep up with the news involving Scientology?”
  8. “What are common misconceptions held about Scientology?”
  9. “If someone admits they have a problem like addiction, what happens?”
  10. “Have you ever been on mission trips?
  11. “How does the rest of the world view Scientology?” Along with a discussion of people like Ursula Caberta in Scientology’s position in Germany, discussion also involved things like the persecution Scientologists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons have endured in Russia.
  12. “Are there gatherings in Scientology?”
  13. “What is the perspective of Christianity in Scientology?” A reference is made in the answer I gave to an essay written by L. Ron Hubbard in the 70’s entitled Religious Influence in Society where he lays out much of how we treat other religious groups, as well as providing a backdrop for organizations like the Sea Organization.
  14. “What are your core values as a Scientologist?”
  15. “What would you recommend to someone just getting started in Scientology?
  16. “Do you pledge a billion years in the Sea Org?”
  17. “On mixing other religions with Scientology” – answering the question of whether or not it is OK to mix other religious practices with Scientology.
  18. Have you been to the church headquarters in Los Angeles, and what is it like?” and “Is everything that has ever been spoken or written by L. Ron Hubbard considered to be Scientology church policy?” and “Some critics say Scientology is just fantasy – do you think L. Ron Hubbard was trying to distance himself from his past work?

*As a note, I’m still uploading and editing all of the videos, so if you’re seeing this message, you may only see a subset of the parts of the interview. Rest assured, the rest will be up soon!

3 thoughts on “Video: An 18-Part Interview by a High School Student on Scientology

  1. Excellent. I would say from now on in every opportunity to promo the website as it for me will then give the viewer an opportunity to find out more about what you are talking about. Things like meet a Scientologist etc. Good job though.

    1. Hey Michael – yes, I agree with you – and the channel is absolutely brilliant. In this case, this was an interview done initial with no intent to publish it separately, so I was just answering the student’s questions as best as I could, from my own viewpoint. That being said, a number of the answers I gave are best further explained by videos on the Scientology TV channel, and I’ll be linking those above as I complete my video edits. Thanks for the suggestion!

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