Video: A rapid explanation of Scientology:

Video: A rapid explanation of Scientology:

Video: Briefly Describing Scientology

I’ve been asked a few times to briefly describe what Scientology is, to me, and what it is that I believe.

Answering what I believe, my viewpoints on things, how I approach being a parent, etc – that’s a scope of explanation that you’re not going to get in 2 minutes.  But I tried here to describe the core what Scientology is about, and what it is that I believe.

I go into a bit more detail on it on this page:  What is Scientology? What is Scientology Auditing?

The main item discussed, though, comes from a quote from the book, Scientology: Fundamentals of Thought, a book intended as an ideal overview of the subject.  The quote:

“You may have been taught that the mind, spirit and life are very difficult things to know about.  This is the first principle of Scientology:

Please give the video a watch, and let me know any questions you have!

3 thoughts on “Video: Briefly Describing Scientology

  1. Due to negative connotations of the word “religion” and because use of that word to describe Scientology causes people to think that Scientology is about believing things without questioning them, I tend to stay away from using that word when I tell others about it. Undoubtedly, it is a religion, but not the type where you have to blindly take things on faith (what makes it a religion is that it is the result of L. Ron Hubbard’s research on the spirit of man, and because it provides one with a path of discovering all about the spiritual side of existence, not because anyone worships God or anything). However, I personally prefer to regard it as a science, just as L. Ron Hubbard described it here – “…this is the science of knowing how to know. It is a science which does not include within it cold and musty data, data to be thrust down the throat without examination and acceptance.” – Book, Creation of Human Ability, p. 276. “Science” or “religion”, I think people can choose what ever category of Scientology they’re comfortable with. But for a lot of people, religion is a dirty word.

    1. Hi Chuck – thanks for commenting. It’s different for everyone – though most people start by just coming in, taking a look around, and reading a book in their own time to see if it’s something that makes sense to them.

      I actually put together an article here where I asked about 25 Scientologists how they first got involved (and why), and hopefully that should be enlightening. Let me know if that answers it for you.

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