Videos from 27 Different Scientology Parents & Kids on How They’re Dealing with the Lockdown

Ever since the start of global stay-at-home orders and lockdowns due to Covid-19, the Scientology Network has been getting self-shot vignettes from Scientologists around the world showing how they are staying safe, healthy and active while at home. A steady stream of these get released daily, but I’ve grabbed a number of them here from Scientology parents & kids to give you a little cross-section of how Scientologists are dealing with all this additional time at home. As a note, there are MANY MORE of these videos on the Scientology Network site, I just took a random selection here.

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Daddy’s Little Helper – Alex from Minnesota

Alex is taking on a pretty hefty project renovating his kitchen. But he’s not doing it alone. He’s got help from his baby daughter, Vivienne, who contributes just by being so very cute! Completing big tasks these days became a whole lot easier for Alex, thanks, he says, to the tools he learned in the book The Problems of Work.

New Mom Valentina from Los Angeles

Valentina’s a new mom, and along with the baby comes a whole new world of learning and caring. So, she turns to the information on assists from The Scientology Handbook to make sure she does all she can to keep her baby and the rest of her family happy and healthy.

Assists for Illnesses and Injuries is one of 19 free Scientology online courses based on principles from The Scientology Handbook. Find out more about Valentina Rendón. Watch her episode of Meet a Scientologist.

Family Farmers @home with Caitlin from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Caitlin enlists her two young sons to help grow and harvest the vegetables and fruits in their backyard. Her baby daughter contributes, too, as an eager taste-tester. Helping her kids grow into responsible individuals by having them contribute to the family is just one of the important lessons Caitlin learned from Scientology: A New Slant on Life.

Bonding over Bracelets with Cindy and Jaime – Sydney, Australia

Cindy and her daughter, Jaime, are switching roles as Jaime teaches her mom how to make loom-band bracelets. It’s how they create both a fashion accessory and some special mother-daughter time. Cindy values the lessons she can learn from Jaime, and that’s something any parent can learn from the chapter on children in The Scientology Handbook.

Not Just Baby Talk with Aika from Kawasaki City, Japan

Aika’s toddler doesn’t speak yet, but that doesn’t stop mother from communicating with her daughter. In fact, even this early in life, Aika interacts with her child as an individual, not just as a baby. And mom lets her little one know that her contribution to the family is important. Aika’s parenting skills are from the chapter on children in The Scientology Handbook.

Solving Cubes Quickly – Quentin from Sacramento, CA

Quentin’s a young wiz at solving a Rubik’s cube in the blink of an eye. In fact, he’s so quick to solve it, it’s hard to believe there was actually a time he thought he couldn’t. That all changed for him after reading a chapter called “Life as a Game” in the book The Problems of Work.

Discover Scientology tools for the workaday world and groundbreaking processes to return joy to life in the book The Problems of Work.

Art at Home with Zarina and Sara from Almaty, Kazakhstan

Young sisters Zarina and Sara love doing arts and crafts. The joy they find in creating jumps out from each of their drawings. What’s the secret behind their joyous art? The Way to Happiness, of course.

Read The Way to Happiness, the first moral code based wholly on common sense, one that can be followed by anyone, of any race, color or creed. Translated in more than 110 languages.

Clay Play Day with Makiko from Osaka, Japan

Makiko and her young daughter, Koko, play with clay, covering the tabletop with fun objects—from flowers to rice balls to shortcakes. But Makiko knows with this playtime, she’s molding more than just clay. By applying the technology of Dianetics, Makiko is helping shape a healthy, stable future for her daughter.

Shan-Yun Stacks Up Control @home – Tainan, Taiwan

Shan-Yun brings the fun indoors for her son and niece, playing games like Jenga. The game is a metaphor for finding balance in life even as the challenges keep stacking up. And in the game of life, Shan-Yun maintains her stability and control with the tools she learned in The Problems of Work.

Arts and Crafts and Slime with Adwen and Elora from Melbourne, Australia

Sisters Adwen and Elora are busily working on cool arts and crafts projects, including that coolest of projects—making slime! Doing arts and crafts, caring for their cat and tending vegetables in their garden are just some of the ways they put into play the “Be Industrious” precept from The Way to Happiness.

Zara’s Practicing Peace … and Punches – Sydney, Australia

Zara practices a form of martial arts called “Wing Chun.” With double punches, kicks and something called the “Dracula move,” nobody’s going to mess with Zara. But fear not, the young martial artist is also a fan of the peaceful teachings of precepts like “Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others” she found in The Way to Happiness.

Study Buddies with Jennifer from San Francisco, California

Jennifer’s making sure that even in lockdown her children keep on learning. Knowing how to effectively teach her daughter how to study is a lesson that can make any kid a lifelong learner. And that’s a lesson that can be found in The Scientology Handbook.

Generational Juicing with David and Benjamin from Melbourne, Australia

David and his trusty assistant, young son Benjamin, blend up a cornucopia of fresh fruits and vegetables for a juice drink to keep them healthy. And to maintain a healthy outlook on daily life in these trying times, David turns to the techniques in Dianetics.

Gabriel—Kid Computer Coder from Auckland, New Zealand

Gabriel isn’t even in his teens yet and he’s already doing computer coding online. With such an industrious attitude and The Way to Happiness to guide him, this preteen tech-whiz-in-the-making is off to an impressive start in life.

Leala Loves Lending a Hand – Sydney, Australia

Leala lends her mom a hand with baking and cooking whenever needed. And luckily, it’s needed now. So, Leala takes the lead, whipping up a batch of cupcakes. And while baking isn’t the only way Leala follows the “Be Industrious” precept from The Way to Happiness, it is definitely one of the more delicious ways.

Anime Artists Dai‑Yin and Da‑Yu – Taipei, Taiwan

During their time at home, Dai‑Yin and Da‑Yu have sharpened their skills as mother-daughter anime artists. While their imaginations take them into a fantasy world, Dai‑Yin learns some real-world advice on enhancing her relationship with her daughter from the booklet on children from The Scientology Handbook.

Autumn’s Art for All Seasons – Clearwater, Florida

Artistic crafts spring from young artist Autumn. She takes a can, some sticks and pine cones to create an awesome faux floral centerpiece. She finds inspiration in The Way to Happiness, passing her insight on to artists young and old alike with her encouraging words to “do as many art projects as you can.”

Yu-Fan—a Master in the Making from Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Young Yu-Fan might just be the next Leonardo da Vinci. His art is really impressive and his design and mechanical construction of a toy vending machine that dispenses toys he created is nothing short of awesome. The multitalented creator knows the secret to continued success is through constant practice—a lesson he learned from the “Be Competent” precept in The Way to Happiness.

Yu-Chi for the Win – Kaohsiung, Taiwan

These days, Yu-Chi, like a lot of kids, has to stay inside. But he’s turning confinement into a win by playing lots of indoor games with his family. And no matter who wins, Yu-Chi applies “Take Care of Your Own Area” from The Way to Happiness, helping him win at life!

Giving a Demonstration on Sanitizing Her Ride – Ellie from Silver Spring, Maryland

Ellie’s slamming the brakes on the spread of germs in her car by thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing its interior. She’s driven to create the safest environment possible. For Ellie, it’s just one way she stays on the metaphorical road that is The Way to Happiness.

Growing Great Gardeners with Charlotta from Clearwater, Florida

Charlotta’s been spending time with her children working on their backyard garden. But she’s planted more than wild coffee and big bell peppers. Charlotta is cultivating curiosity, cooperation and healthy relationships with her kids. The tools for any parent to do the same are ripe for the picking on the Children course from The Scientology Handbook.

Deana and Oceana Bring Fairy Tales to Life! – Sydney, Australia

Though being homebound is hardly a fairy tale, Deana and her young daughter, Oceana, are making a game out of it. Along with dancing and cooking, they’ve been playing dress-up, with Oceana walking the “runway” in a variety of Cinderella costumes. Deana takes the seriousness out of the situation by living “Life as a Game,” as described in the book The Problems of Work. As for how she and her daughter are doing—“they lived happily ever after.”

Growing Up a Grownup with Ping‑Jui from Tainan, Taiwan

For a five-year-old, Ping‑Jui’s life is all fun and games. But it’s not just about playing in his own personal Legoland—he’s also helping his mother and father. Even at this early age, he is one responsible fellow. And that’s reflected in his wish that everyone help make their world wonderful—something anyone can do by following The Way to Happiness.

Isla’s Flipping Brilliant – Melbourne, Australia

Isla’s discovered the secret to becoming a great gymnast in The Way to Happiness—PRACTICE. So, she does tons of roundoffs, front handsprings and trampoline flips. And if at first, second or even third she doesn’t succeed, she tries, tries and tries again to get good at it.

The Suite Life with Ryan from Sacramento, California

Although Ryan is working from home, he makes time for creative endeavors—like his lifelong love of cello. Practicing a challenging piece from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 shows just how serious he’s been about following the “Be Competent” precept from The Way to Happiness. Ryan, Bach and The Way to Happiness—it’s music to the ears.

Go Nuts for Donuts with Lana from McMinnville, Tennessee

How does a fresh-from-the-oven, warm apple cider donut sound? Well, when the treat is baked by a young baker like Lana, you can bet it’s going to be mouthwateringly delish. One of the keys to raising happy kids is helping them contribute to the family and be productive—as found in The Way to Happiness.

Toddler Talk with Tatsuya from Tokyo, Japan

For Tatsuya, the silver lining of this year is getting to spend more time with his young daughter. He uses essential communication skills he learned in the booklet on children from The Scientology Handbook to strengthen the bonds between them. And his daughter demonstrates how well it’s working with a hug.

Mommy Makeover with Chie from Osaka, Japan

Chie gets pampered with a makeover from her budding make-up artist daughter. The young one gets her talent from her mother, who by profession sells make-up. But, based on current conditions, Chie’s had to adapt new ways to run her business. She draws inspiration from the “Flourish and Prosper” precept in The Way to Happiness, and her future looks beautiful.

Toddling Along with Lexi from Jersey City, New Jersey

Lexi’s been locked down with her delightful toddler, Leila. But now that this mother-daughter duo isn’t confined within their own four walls, Lexi takes her toddler safely out for walks any chance she gets. The book The Problems of Work contains simple ways to recharge, refresh and take control of life.

It’s Child’s Play and Work with Maria Eugenia from Clearwater, Florida

Maria Eugenia is the mother of two very active kids. During this time, her main occupation has been keeping them busy and occupied. So, she got them working around the house, in the garden and even hosing down the dog. And by contributing, they feel very important. The map to guiding kids to a successful future is laid out in the pages of The Way to Happiness.

Florian’s Fresh-fruit Refreshment from Issaquah, Washington, USA

Florian and his family trek into the orchard to make some fresh-from-the-tree apple cider. They pick the apples and press ’em. Florian hopes this lesson in industriousness—a quality outlined in a precept in The Way to Happiness—will stick with his kids. And from the looks of how they pitch it, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Homemade Play Dough with Melissa from Miami, Florida

Over the last several months, Melissa’s had to constantly come up with new ways to keep her children busy and learning. That even included making homemade play dough for her kids to use in their lessons. Tools to help any “stay-at-home-homeschooler” are available in The Technology of Study course from The Scientology Handbook.

Lava Cake Erupts with Kya and Kiranmai from Johannesburg, South Africa

Kya and Kiranmai gather the ingredients to bake up a lava cake that will erupt with gooey, chocolaty goodness. The final product is a sweet force of nature, indeed. These young ladies bake away to stay industrious during this time. And that’s one of the 21 precepts from The Way to Happiness put into practice “explosively.”

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