Best Month Yet

Rock on brothas!!!
Oh yeah, baby!!!

May 2012 was far and away our highest-traffic month to date on the site, so I wanted to give a big thank-you to everyone who helped make that happen!

Unlike the previous highest-ever, this month’s influx of visits came not from mass media, but from folks like you spreading the word on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter.  None of it was referral traffic from media.

Also, there were several contributions for new articles last month – some which made it to the site already, an more that are in the pipeline.

And in case you were curious – the following were the top-10 articles this month in terms of traffic.

Kelly Preston – Video Interview on Motherhood, Love, Hope, and Family (Tear Jerker)  1
Kelly Preston Interviewed on Being a Mom  2
Regarding Scientology and Breastfeeding  3
Au Pairs – How it works, and How It’s Worked for Us  4
Regarding Barley Formula  5
Protesting the Drugging of Our Children  6
Overcoming the Stress of a Traumatic C-Section  7
No TV in Our House  8
The Subtle Invalidation of Children  9
Raising Physically Fit Kids  10

So, just remember, if you like people finding out about how they can use Scientology as parents, please spread the word!

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