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One thing which I’ve long thought, is that one’s church should not only be a place where you come for spiritual help & assistance with life – but also a place where you can come and hang out, and know you’re with your friends – with people who genuinely care about you.

5761994281_65ec2cc355_b (1)When asked by a curious college student what I liked about being a Scientologist, one of my responses was that I loved the Scientology community – the folks that you’d run into in a church. Just good people, and a wholesome environment to have your kids around in growing up.

I grew up in and around a number of different Churches of Scientology, and I’m still great friends with so many people I’ve met there, even though they span the globe, now.

And despite the fact that the majority of the things I’ve written about on this site pertain to the helpful things one can learn in Scientology materials which then help one to be a better parent, I still think that one of the more important aspects to Church as it relates to parenting is the community one finds oneself in, and the sea of helping hands that are all around one.

I think that anyone who’s had kids knows that there is never any shortage of questions, concerns, times of “oh, jeepers, are they supposed to look like that!!!???” and such – all are things which benefit one to have a fantastic support group around one where all are on the same page, trying to help each other do better in life.

Just something I happened to think of once more, seeing as the last time I was in my church, just about everyone around was having a ball making my son laugh up a storm. I love these people. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Church: My Favorite Place – My Favorite People

  1. This is a terrific website. Was it you idea? Is it ok’d by Scientology. I always wondered why more people didn’t have something like this show casing their wins.

  2. I am really agreeing with you on this article. I experience a lot of positive energy and two way communication whenever I visit my local Church.
    Also, the way LRH observes life and writes about it is completely unique and his language style is quite interesting.
    It’s my decision to be a father soon. I know it will be fun 🙂

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