Request for Comments: Potty Training


Almost Potty Trained!, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

Original Post – 26 Feb 2011: As I embark on one more weekend of naked butts running around the house, for purposes of potty training, I figured I’d reach out to the other parents who are readers of this site to find out your potty training stories.

What have you found works well? Or failing that, what “worked” in the end with your kids?

We’ve got going Number Two pretty much down pat, but Number One continues to be a challenge. But running around with a naked butt and then rushing to the potty at signs of distress seems to be working for now.

Update – 5/27/11:

Figured I’d update this post now that it’s 3 months later, and our 21-month-old is basically potty trained now – with only the occasional accident once every week or two.  But still, sometimes she’s just got “pee pee potty” on the brain, which is what prompted this little video I had to share:


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