Day 114 | Ability Regained! MV takes to her feet!

Today we had a wild surprise: an intense will to stand up!!

After she slept most of the day today, we took Mackenzie in to the Scientology Church in DC for our Monday meeting. She’s usually been fine with us carrying her around facing out, but today she all of the sudden started arching her back and complaining up a storm until I finally decided to just put her down on her feet and let her stand up — which was the exact item! And whilst we’ve never previously gotten her to put weight on her feet for more than 3 seconds at a time, she decided to just put her foot down tonight and stood up for several minutes straight on about 3 different occasions while we were there!

Awesome! Ability regained!

Now, she hasn’t yet even managed to be able to stay seated by her self, and needs major support to stay on her feet, but she definitely communicated today that sitting is over-rated and she’d prefer to just start walking around like the rest of us. 🙂

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