Day 220 | Yeah! Check out that Tooth!

Day 220 | Yeah! Check out that Tooth!, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

If you view the larger size, you can see two little bottom teeth coming in to that jaw. Bam!

The upside is that she’s getting her teeth in a relatively painless way – the gums split and then the teeth came in, instead of the gum-cutting, blood-splattering, really-painful style that some baby teeth come in.   The downside is that my days of bragging about 8 hours of continuous sleep every night are at a close.  She now does wake up and need some attention in the middle of the night.

However, once again, the magic ingredient is the Scientology locational assist.   Calms her down within 20-30 seconds usually, and then we’re back to bed.  Bam!

3 thoughts on “Day 220 | Yeah! Check out that Tooth!

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