Does This Explain Why I Love Being a Daddy?


My daughter (now 13 months old) , after all the love & attention we’ve been giving her, has now started to particularly enjoy giving a little back.  Yesterday, after bathtime and triumphantly escaping our clutches to try to put a diaper on her, she began running all around the house, cracking up and completely nude.  :)  When I came over to her, she just ran up and gave me a kiss and a big hug, saying, “Da-deeeeeee!”

It’s enough cuteness to just melt your brain.

In closing the chapter in The Way to Happiness entitled Love and Help Children, L. Ron Hubbard said,

“What does have a workability is simply to try to be the child’s friend.  It is certainly true that a child needs friends.  Try to find out what a child’s problem really is and, without crushing their own solutions, try to help solve them.  Observe them – and this applies even to babies.  Listen to what children tell you about their lives.  Let them help – if you don’t, they become overwhelmed with a sense of obligation which they then must repress.

“A child factually does not do well without love.  Most children have an abundance of it to return.”  — LRH

Awesome, actually, to start to see it being returned so early!  🙂

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