Eight Months Old

Yesterday, Mackenzie turned 8 months old.

We did have a major milestone this month, in that Mackenzie all of the sudden finally started crawling. She’s been about double her age in every other metric since birth, except for this crawling business — where she’s been a little – well – lazy. 🙂

But with the explosion of cuteness that crawling brings, I had every intention of shooting a fun 8-months-old photo for my Baby 365 Project. However, I had a long work day, and so did Kat – so all I ended up getting off on Friday was this photo of us walking around the back yard while Kat prepped the diaper bag in the morning.

So today, I aimed to rectify the situation with a bike ride to Kirby Park, with MV in the trailer. All went great – Mackenzie dialed in to maximum cuteness when all of the sudden it started raining. Argh! I literally only got one shot off before we had to pile back into the trailer and go home.

But still – I’m thinking this month should be the biggest game-changer for us, as she’s gone from just-barely-crawling, to crawling-all-over-the-bloody-place-at-high-speed. And she’s standing on her own on occasion for 1-2 seconds at a time, so our guesses are that by this time next month, we’ll have some standing-on-her-own action, with full-on walking by 10 months. Hopefully so!

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