Exploring Lancaster County, PA

Pony RideChecking out the Chicken Coop with GrampaClimbing"Hello, chickens!"She likes the ChickensMisty Farm
SnuggliThomas goes FLYING!Lounging at the FarmFeeding the Ducks with MeemawDucks!By the Covered Bridge
Looking Out of the Manheim Covered BridgeKisses for MommyHairy SpiderCovered Bridge: Up!Covered Bridge: Laughing with DaddyFamily
Strasburg Steam EngineGorgeous Strasburg HorsesEmerald ForestLooking out Over the SusquehannaLooking out Over the SusquehannaPlaying at the Lookout

Exploring Lancaster County, PA, a set on Flickr.

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Fun weekend exploring all through Lancaster County, PA. (And by the way, it’s "LANK-ister" not "LAAANG-CAAASTER-er", I’ve discovered).

We went up to see an Amish farm where my dad gets his milk & eggs, where Mackenzie was then able to see the horsies, go riding in a pony cart, chase chickens around, and jump on the hay bales.

We then stayed at Mackenzie’s great-grandma’s house, fed some ducks, played around the covered bridge in Manheim, PA, and had fun with her cousins.

Map of Lancaster County Photos

On our way home, we then took a meandering route through Lancaster County, seeing the big steam engines in Strasburg, a million gorgeous horses, looking out over the Susquehanna river at Susquehannock State park, and adventuring down a rocky dirt road that tested the limits of our Subaru’s ground clearance.

3 thoughts on “Exploring Lancaster County, PA

  1. Your photos are AMAY-ZING! This post makes me wanna have kids ASAP so I can take them to cool places like Lancaster and show them all the old-timey stuff that made this great nation!

    Were the Amish community friendly? I feel like I’d be a little intimidated by them, maybe I’d leave my phone in the car for that visit!

    1. Thanks! The Amish are wonderful, actually. We were up there (this was like 9 years ago btw) at the time to visit family, but also to visit the Amish farm where we got our raw milk. It was just shocking how strong, healthy, responsible and in-present-time the kids were that lived on that farm. Even the little ones were able to handle themselves incredibly well around the big animals, and looked full of verve and energy. Amazing what happens when you grow up on fresh food and without iPads and video games and such.
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