Funny conversation from my four year old on how babies are born (egads!)

Scientology Parent Leah Marshall with Katie & ChloeCHLOE: Where’s mommy?

DADDY: She’s still at Gina’s baby shower.

CHLOE: Did Gina’s baby come out of her tummy yet?

DADDY: No honey.

CHLOE: How does it come out of there?

DADDY: It just gets born.

CHLOE: But how does it come out?

DADDY: Well the baby decides it’s time to come out, and it starts to come out, and the mommy helps, she pushes it.

CHLOE: But where does it come out of?

DADDY: (Pause, searching for a manual on how to answer, resolves for truth.)

Ok, it comes out of the giney (aka vagina) sweetie.

CHLOE: It should come out of the mouth, that would be better. (Opens her mouth wide, for dramatic effect, demonstration of how the baby would pop out of someone’s mouth).

KATIE: But don’t bite the baby!! (Shouting hysterically, hoping everyone heeds her warning!)

One thought on “Funny conversation from my four year old on how babies are born (egads!)

  • September 10, 2010 at 4:19 am

    That is simply AWESOME. 🙂


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