In a World Where Two Kids is Not Enough…

As is so often the case in ‘the business’, when the studio meets with overwhelming success on the first blockbuster as well as the sequel, it’s tough to resist following it up with a third installment!

We’ve recently found out that we’ve got #3 on the way, with a June 2015 due date – so now the preparations for a new arrival begin again!    Hopefully, lessons learned on the two prior pregnancies should make this one easier.

And, as is somewhat visible in the “movie poster” above, my 3-year-old son is far and away the most excited of all of us for the impending arrival.   He talks to my wife’s belly daily, kisses it whenever he can, and constantly informs us of how much he can’t wait to play with “her”  We actually don’t even know the gender yet, but he’s positive it’ll be a girl, and wants to either name it “Paxton” or “Diesel 10”.

Jury is still out on whether those names will fly when we have our premiere in June, but we’re all for sure eagerly awaiting our newest member of the family!

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