My wife at 40+ weeks pregnant with our second

My wife at 40+ weeks pregnant with our second

Staying Calm & Positive at 41 Weeks Pregnant

My wife at 40+ weeks pregnant with our second
My wife at 40+ weeks pregnant with our second

With my expecting wife now going on 40 weeks and 13 days tomorrow, I figure that along with her being a bit overdue, I myself am way overdue in giving her due acknowledgement for how incredibly calm, positive, and collected she’s been throughout her pregnancy.  Especial kudos I think are deserved now that the game is in overtime, and every day could (should!) be the last one.

She’s like a superwoman.

But it also makes one reflect on what went into that – as it was not simply fate that has made this pregnancy smooth from the get-go.  There are a number of things that my wife and I went into this ordeal with, this time around, intentionally working to make it as smooth as possible.

Most of these points I covered in an earlier blog post on 11 Tips for a Stress-Free Pregnancy – something we followed closely.


Early on in the pregnancy, we got a lot of help and support from our local Church of Scientology in Washington, D.C. – including a fantastic course on Having a Happy Baby, another fantastic course on Successfully Raising Children as well as L. Ron Hubbard’s masterful Success Through Communication course.  While the articles I linked to here will give you more on what we got out of these individual courses, the best part was that it put the two of us very much on the same page with regards to planning the future, planning for the new child, and planning on how to continue being even better parents for our now 17-month-old daughter in the meantime.  In short, it helped us be in better communication as parents, which is vital.

We also did a lot of reading to make sure we were much more in the know about the actual pregnancy and birth process, including reading some great books on natural birth and a fantastic book called Optimal Foetal Positioningone which is nearly impossible to find, but if you can get your hands on it – READ IT.  Fantastic missive on the huge difference that the position of the baby has to do with having a smooth delivery.

Pregnancy Assist Program

My wife also completed a Scientology Pregnancy Assist program at our local Church, which was hugely helpful in smoothing out leftover stress related to her previous pregnancy, as well as helping her be much more comfortable with the new pregnancy.  I can’t overstate how helpful this was.

Support from Family, Friends & Church

image Kelly Preston talked in her People Magazine article about getting a lot of support from her Church throughout her pregnancy – and how that was a big help.  I can say for sure that our Church has been just fantastic in terms of support, with Church staff and members coming to the house repeatedly with offers of help which have been graciously accepted.  Our Church even drove out two of its best-trained people on a cold winter night to give my wife some great Assists to help with the pregnancy.

Family have been a fantastic help as well, providing tons of child care when we needed it.  And they’ve also pledged to help out when we finally do go into the home stretch – something that also provides a massive extra dollop of peace-of-mind.


All told, we went into this 2nd baby with a plan to make this as stress-free, smooth, and comfortable pregnancy as possible – and it’s really paid off so far.  Here’s to hoping the delivery is just as smooth!


3 thoughts on “Staying Calm & Positive at 41 Weeks Pregnant

  1. I feel for your wife! When I was overdue, a neighbor recommended drinking papaya juice which relaxes muscled somehow. I had nothing to lose so I tried it and went into labor very soon after. Here’s to a smooth delivery!

  2. Your growing family and your approach to your pregnancy, birth and family are a pleasure to witness.

  3. This is a great article! You don’t always hear the success stories of a pregnancy. It seems like the minute a woman says she is pregnant out come all the horror stories of the morning sickness, the aches, the unreality of the people living with them. It is refreshing to read and to know that there is a better way to a smooth happy pregnancy!

    Congratulations to you and your family! We can’t wait to see photos of the new addition!

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