My Silent Birth Story


Both of my children were born with quiet births at birth centers.  When I was pregnant with my daughter, I really started to look at the logistics of delivering my baby the way I wanted to.

Through speaking with my husband, our minister and referring to the writings of Mr. Hubbard, I was able to draw up a birth plan which would accommodate my plans. It called for no talking during contractions, no unnecessary chattering and for any upsetting communication to be delivered outside of my hearing.

My midwives stuck to my birth plan to a t. They were silent when I was having a contraction. The only talking was when my midwife got close to me and whispered in my ear. Not even my husband could hear what she was saying.

With my son, I once again re-visited the idea of a quiet birth. The midwife who delivered my son was so eager to have us do this and completely on board with it. It just made a lot of sense to her. She even did her own research on it on the Church of Scientology website.  Once again, we drew up a birth plan which reflected our wishes and that was absolutely what we got. The midwives put a sign on the door which said, “Birth in Progress. Please be Quiet.” And they kept it up until well after my son was born.

imageIn the birthing room, I worked out a great system with my midwives, my mother, my husband and my friend who was there taking pictures. When I felt a contraction starting, I held by hand up and everyone was silent until the contraction passed. It worked perfectly.

Now, with both my births, I was by no means “silent.” However, I took care to not speak beyond what was necessary. My children are bright, aware and very happy. My labors were (fairly) easy and quick. I am sure that my study of Scientology basics and my quiet births are responsible for that.


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2 thoughts on “My Silent Birth Story

  1. Wonderful! I love hearing about other great experiences like this! And I really love how you really took control of your birthing experience and created it the way you wanted it to be. Every woman should do that! Kudos!

  2. Thank you for sharing your birth story! I think you did a wonderful job!
    I too tried for a silent birth, having asked the doctor, nurses, etc. to not say words or keep them to a minimum (I gave the doctor the Dianetics DVD and had her watch it before the birth so she understood the importance). I really wanted a natural birth but after being in labor for nearly 20 hours, the doctor decided to deliver the baby via c-section, which was really fast and as quiet as possible as the doctor and nurses/assistants really knew their business and almost spoke no words. I was so greatful!
    In terms of what I did to try to keep it as silent as possible otherwise, I used a system similar to yours to tell the people in the room I was having a contraction (raising my hand), so everyone would be quiet during my contractions and some seconds after they were over.
    I think this really helped my baby be such a healthy, wonderful, sweet child.
    I hope everyone looks into this as an option for their own child’s birth.

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