Silent Birth: Story from a Mother of Three

Here’s a story from a Scientologist parent, and her story of using principles of quiet birth or as it’s known by the tabloid media, “silent birth”.

DSC00091I did a silent birth with all of my girls.

They were each born naturally, at a birthing center.  We just explained to the midwife what we wanted beforehand, and they were happy to accommodate.

Of course, “silent birth” is somewhat a misnomer, I think.  Obviously the births weren’t completely silent. But the talking was kept to an absolute minimum. If the midwife needed to tell me something or needed to tell me what to do, she did, quietly and briefly. But no chatter, no commentary, no “soothing talk” from my husband, etc.  And although I made some noises of course (it is labor after all!), I did stay pretty quiet and calm wherever possible.


Our birthing center already follows a pattern of keeping things calm and pretty quiet; we just take a step further and really cut out the talking. Each of the births went great.  I really couldn’t have asked for better experiences–so amazing.  Our kids were each very alert, happy and calm, and I had no postpartum difficulties–I’m sure the way we brought them into the world contributed to that.

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4 thoughts on “Silent Birth: Story from a Mother of Three

  1. That is a great post and I love the photos Stephanie! Preventative Dianetics (which includes what people refer to as “Silent Birth”) is so simple, so easy to apply, and makes such a huge difference in a child’s life.

    There is simply no reason to speak unnecessarily during a birth or any traumatic experience, especially when it has been proven time and again to have such heavy consequences which are so easily avoided.

  2. Lovely story 🙂

    I am a mother of two, and I also had natural quiet birth with both my boys. It was a lovely experience for all involved. My boys were both very very alert, strong and family were amazed at it!

    I used the same midwife for both births, and she completely respected my needs for a quiet calm environment.

    I have applied Dianetics and Scientology to my children since birth, and they are both very self determined and strong willed little men. The principles I have raised them with have made them into contributing and responsible and mostly, loving and happy boys.

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