Scientology TV: My Religion Now “Has a Voice”

I wanted to say a few words about the new Scientology TV station which just went live today.

To put into perspective just how transformative it’s been for me, I need to give you a little context.  See, I’ve been writing on the Internet about my experiences in Scientology for 22 years now.  I authored my first Scientology-related webpage on my own personal site back in 1996, when I was working as a tech for a little Portland-area ISP.  Since that time I’ve published upwards of 500 individual articles and blog posts on Scientology, with the last 8 years or so focused on this site, writing about my experiences as a Scientology parent.  I’ve had varying levels of success with my writing, like any writer.  Some articles don’t get any traction at all, while many of them get me involved in conversations I really value about what it’s like being a Scientologist.

But in my blogging, it’s always just been me.  Back in 1996, it was dead easy to write something and have it magically be at the top of every search engine because, well, back in ’96 there were only 36 million people on the Internet planetwide.  These days, to reach any significant fraction of the population with your message, it takes TREMENDOUS resources, far beyond the means of an individual like me.  ESPECIALLY when there are vested interests controlling the editorial policies of mainstream media organizations that you’d like to publish through.

But now we have our own TV station.

In describing what this means to us, I’ve heard other Scientologists say, “Now we have our own voice.”

Well, I did always have my own voice, and I’ve been speaking up about as loud as I can.  But in today’s multibillion-dollar media machine, using my “voice” has been like trying to conduct a peaceful seminar in the middle of a heavy metal concert.  A few people might get what I’m communicating, and I’m thankful for that – but now that we have the infrastructure and the programming to get a clean, understandable communication about what our beliefs and our activities are really all about, it does nothing but make my life wonderful.

The video above gives a tour through Scientology Media Productions, where all of the magic happens for the Scientology Network TV station, as well as all of the associated internet-connected media that the Church now is able to disseminate.

And this is the live feed of the channel itself:

My whole family went down to our local Church of Scientology in Portland today, to participate in the premiere party with all of our friends.  Honestly I’m so blown away by the experience that I’m still not quite sure what to say.  What I do know, though, is that my further conversations on the subject of Scientology will, from now on, have the possibility of a thorough basis of respect and understanding of our core beliefs, rather than ignorance and rumor.  And when it comes to conversation about religion, those are the very best conversations to have.

2 thoughts on “Scientology TV: My Religion Now “Has a Voice”

  1. Yeah it so great to have the information so easily accessible, so easily understood. People can find out for themselves in the comfort of their homes. And when I talk with them I feel I will be more easily understood. I feel like people will truly get my efforts to help are genuine and effective and not have to question that about me personally or about my religion. It is easy to see the sincerity of our efforts and what our goals are truly.

  2. You’re a great pioneer, Tad. You brought and continue to bring awareness and understanding about a wonderful subject that now indeed has its own voice.

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