What World Religions Celebrate Over the Holiday Season (Infographic)

Understanding the religious beliefs of others forms a big part of achieving harmony with one’s fellows, and what better time to understand a bit more about those things which others find most important than during the holidays?

This infographic from World Religion News  gives a quick overview of what various world religions (including my own) observe during the holiday season.

What Do World Religions Do During the Holiday Season? [Infographic]

Via WorldReligionNews.com

1 thought on “What World Religions Celebrate Over the Holiday Season (Infographic)

  1. Religion is a complex and multifaceted aspect of human culture and society. It typically involves beliefs and practices related to the existence, nature, and purpose of the universe and its creator or creators, often involving a higher power or supernatural force. Religion often encompasses moral codes, ethical guidelines, and rituals that are intended to guide human behavior and provide a framework for understanding the world.

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