She Really Loves Our Subaru

Watching the Subaru Get Fixed, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

Interesting anecdote that just serves to show how passionate my girl is about the things around her:

After picking my two-year-old from school the other day, I told her that before we go and pick up mommy from the Metro station, that we’re going to go and get the Subaru fixed. She asked if it was broken. As it just needed an oil change, I told her that we were just going to go fix the Subaru’s engine.

She then, all of the sudden, broke out in tears, crying as hard as if she just watched her cat get run over. Thinking it was food/sleep/potty or one of the other usual upsets, I eventually ascertained that she was terrifically upset that the Subaru’s engine was broken.

I actually had to take her out to the car, pop the hood, and let her look at the engine running so she could see that it was all OK, and that the engine was OK, and that it was just thirsty and needed oil. She accepted that.

But then, when we got to Jiffy Lube, she demanded that the station manager give her a stool so that she could stand up and watch the mechanics change the oil, so she could inspect the air filters, and ensure they did a good job. She then gave them a, “Dank you, man, for pixing the Subaru!” when we left.

She really loves this Subaru! 🙂

Our Subaru Outback - at the Pohick Horse Stables
Our Subaru Outback - at the Pohick Horse Stables

4 thoughts on “She Really Loves Our Subaru

  1. You guys are soo darn cute, but Mackenzie can take all the credit. I know it pervades the family! Well done! It IS a daily amazement what these aware kids have in their lives! I got one too!

    1. Thanks! I think she can take /most/ of the credit for being that cute, though I think that the car-interest is somewhat my doing. She can correctly spot both 2nd and 3rd-generation Toyota Priuses on the highway – though she did point out a Celica convertible and call it a Miata — so she has a ways to go. 🙂
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