Sleep is Finally Happening in Our House


Getting through “teething babies” is a basic rite of passage for any parent. Two simultaneous teething babies is the higher-skill-level version of that.

In my household, we just got through two weeks of some of the most abyssmal sleep imaginable while my 2-year-old daughter worked on cutting her molars, and my 8-month-old son worked on cutting his first two teeth.

But it was a good reminder on the value of sleep.  Lack of sleep in toddlers & babies is definitely bad.  For us, it meant:

  • Fussiness
  • Unusually sassy behaviour from my daughter
  • Enhanced ability to spill stain-creating substances on the floor
  • More injury-prone
  • Can’t nap properly
  • More prone to illness
  • etc
But that lack of sleep definitely takes its toll on parents too.  I was recently told by an acquaintance of mine (one who had 6 kids and 3 divorces) that in hindsight, the vast majority of fights he had with his spouse were rooted in the fact that the two of them were simply not getting any sleep.   He said that if they had just realized that fact, a lot of their disagreements could have been better-handled.
I couldn’t agree more.  Luckily, my wife and I have put a tremendous amount of attention on communication in our marriage, so the majority of issues we might have encountered between us were limited to our own individual woes due to sleep deprivation.

But now that both of our monsters have gotten their chompers in, it’s back to a nice night’s sleep for all of us!

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