That’s my Soccer Chick!

That’s my Soccer Chick!, originally uploaded by tadnkat.

It was this daddy’s dream come true yesterday.

I’ve had this idea since we found out Mackenzie was a girl that I’d be some day able to teach her how to play soccer.

Maybe 8 months old is a little early to be learning, but yesterday afternoon we were out in the back yard and decided to revel in the newly-mowed grass by kicking the soccer ball around. I was holding Mackenzie during the ordeal, and every time I trapped or kick the ball she just squealed with laughter and recognition.

It was almost a, “Dad I was hoping you guys would let me play soccer sometime!!”

Of course, when we let her down on the ground, she went for the ball and knew just what to do. 🙂

3 thoughts on “That’s my Soccer Chick!

  1. Someone please tell me why I should care about someone’s little girl who is quite frankly…ugly?
    I guess this website would be good if I were a pedophile…

    1. Mr. Lestat, sir, you gave me one of the best laughs of the day! Especially comparing your comment about my cute little daughter to your profile picture here. Thanks for the chuckle!

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